Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Balayage & Ombre Coming to a Salon near you!

There is a major new colouring trend hitting our hair this Autumn, it's been gathering speed through Summer and has become big beauty news. I'm talking about the colour techniques that scream "grunge" and looks effortless. And it's a trend most of us can afford, get this done, and you won't be worrying about your next root touch up, or reaching for the bleach. Ladies, I give you Balayage/Ombre hair.

Balayage or baliage. A colouring technique from the French word le balayage meaning "to sweep"
The hair is 'painted' meaning the end result is a very natural and effortless look. It's the sunkissed, beachy look that you'll spend hours in the salon trying to achieve. I've heard it called "childs hair" because it has that colouring you get as a kid playing out in the sun. Random highlights of different colours through the hair. Makes it multi dimensial and I think adds body and texture.

The balayage/baliage look is more for random highlights throughout the hair, with foils the look achieved will be more uniform and although these can be broken up in fine natural looking colours it still is slightly too structured.

You can concentrate the balayage technique on the ends of the hair creating what is commonly known as 'Ombre'. From the French meaning 'graduation'. Big celeb fans of this look are Alexa Chung, Whitney Port and Rachel Bilson, to name just a few. This is the gradual fade from dark to light. The 'I've got major roots but I'm too relaxed and cool too care' look.
You can vary the shades used as much as you want, and go as light as you like towards the ends. This suits a shaggy, rough look rather than sleek locks. But if you fancied a more dramatic look, straightening the hair will really show off the gradual fade. Ombre isn't for the short haired beautys, it suits mid lengths, to long locks.

I love this technique and would love to train in it, apparently takes years to master the skill properly. I am researching at the moment getting this done for Autumn/Winter with a combination of caramel and my natural Brown colouring. As you all know I am trying to get rid of the Red so this would be a fab technique for me as it would let my natural colour grow out and still look good.

I think this colouring technique is also less harsh on the hair, which means your hair will be healthier and happier. What more could you want. If you can't tell already I am totally sold on this technique. Love it.

But beware, if you fancy trying this look make sure your salon has someone who has experience in this colouring method, it's not as easy as it sounds. Ensure you have a full consult with your colourist before the service is carried out, and you are both on the same style page regarding what the look is.

Are you an Ombre girl? Or does Balayage work for you? Maybe you think both look too scruffy for you...


  1. Oh I've read about this recently - isn't Cat Deeley a big fan? She seems to have it overall rather than just the ombre finish but I think both styles looks amazing. It's so much softer and warmer than a big block of colour.

  2. I just love the Ombre look! Just too cool. Alexa rocks it :) Jeal mucho xx

  3. The darker hair definately looks better, sunkissed and natural. I just can't imagine anyone forking out to do it, just looks like they've come back from a gap year. xxx

  4. I love this look! I love Rachel Bilson's hair here it's so pretty, very laidback but pretty look =)

    I love your blog! I'm now a follower! I hope you can check out my blog sometime too! =)

  5. I like to kid myself that i am currently rocking this look, but in reality I have 2inch roots that just really need doing!!


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