Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Wrap it up...

I noticed whilst reading many a blog that we like scarves. Scarves add that 'finishing touch' to an outfit, they are the 'eagle eyed spot' in a car boot, the much sought after Alexander McQueen skull scarf....I am jealous of everyone who owns one.

So when it comes to scarves and their purposes we shouldn't just leave them round our necks should we. Let's whack them in our hair!! I am loving the big scarf bows & turbans I'm seeing on the high street. It's such a great look - we have the ladies working hard during the 1940's to thank, overalls and hair tied back with a colourful scarf.

So I decided to take my ever growing stash of scarves and show you how it's done, well try to, most of you stylish ladies rock this look already.
I prefer wearing the scarves when my hair is up and in a messy up do. It can really finish a style off, and adds a dressy edge to your everyday work wear. I used my blue Monique Martin silk scarf (charity shop about 30p) and then my trusty Primark leopard print scarf to style a bow. (BTW I'm not naked in the bottom 3 photos! Had a boob tube on!)

If the scarf you have is too short, then make a bow, stitch a grip to it and pin it in your hair. Then when your finished you can cut the stitch out and go back to the normal scarf.
If it's too long, wrap around your head twice before you tie the bow, or make a giant bow and tuck ends under and pin.

The turban style is trickier to wear. It's great if you are having a bad hair day, just tie it all up and go. I went for a sparkly scarf, and think this would work at festivals or when your camping. I left some hair at the front and tied the scarf just behind it.

So what do you think? Will you be trying out your scarves in your hair? Or have you already?

p.s A MASSIVE thanks to my 100 followers (Thanks Winny for making it 100 for me!!) A giveaway will feature soon as a thank you. xx


  1. the turban one is AMAZING.
    & wooo i got a shout out <3 xxx

  2. Great ideas with the scarves! I'm always buying them and either tying bandanas or wearing them round my neck so I'm definately going to test these ideas.
    Chuckling at the thought of you doing you blog in the nuddy, like it!
    Congrats on 100 followers, well deserved!

  3. Fab idea, I'm not sure if a scarf will look odd on my stupidly small head but I will definately be giving it a try!

  4. Perfect timing - I had a scarf/bow in my hair yesterday and was just pondering how else I could wear them. I'll definitely be giving some of these ideas a try - results to follow on the blog!

  5. I love the look, but I'm never sure how to wear my hair with it - I'll try a messy updo :) Thanks xx

  6. I ADORE the first look. The colour of that scarf really suits you - you look stunning my friend!

    My hair just doesn't work with scarves. Might have to follow your tips and give it another go! x

  7. Jen def try the making a bow out of a scarf and pinning to head. Get that washer woman look without the scarf stress! :)

    I want to see some results with your scarfs, blog it up and let me know. X xx

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  9. I love the turban look. I've tried it on a couple of days when my hair's been a total arse, but I can't pluck up the courage to leave the house like it for some reason! It feels a bit silly? Need to sort it out because It's the perfect remedy for bad hair days!
    Thanks for your comment on my Tues tip, lovely, glad you like it :D

  10. Way pretty!Cool ideas!:Like everyone else,I have a stash of scarves I don't do neary enough with!

  11. love the styles you've done! i also recently tried the turban out a few days ago, i think it's suits me but i have yet to leave the house with it on, hehe.

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  12. Your scarves are tied to beautifully! I always try a scarf but end up taking it out, it's hard to pull off!!


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