Friday, 9 July 2010

Lucky little tweet!

I only joined the world of Twitter a few months back, and I'm already hooked. You get so much more info from brands, so many prizes to be won, and I've also found out about a hair competition I will have to enter.

I've been lucky enough to win 3, yes 3, prizes on Twitter lately.

The first a lovely Bare Escentuals Lipgloss in Sangria (RRP £13.00) Now it's a colour I would have never have gone for, and it's my first experience with the brand.
First off it smells lovely, really lovely. Slightly sticky when on, but not to the point of being annoying. It doesn't dry your lips out either. The shimmer in it is just right. One thing I'm not keen on, the application brush. It's like a paintbrush, I haven't the patience to 'paint' my lips, and on the go I think this would be difficult to apply.

Next up we have Xen-Tan, again a brand I've never tried. I won the Xen-Tan Intense Mousse (RRP £21.95)
I have high hopes for this mousse. I've seen many bloggers write about this, and will be giving it a go before a family meal on Saturday night. I'll post some before and after pics (sunglasses may be needed for the polar white glare I give off before!) and let you know what I thought.

And then I won this gorgeous ring over at Be Gorgeous. Check out her boutique online. Beautiful items, fab prices aswell. Very happy girl to have this on my hand.

What's the best thing you've won lately? Or are you the one who ends up with the talcum powder on the raffle?
And if some of you don't have Twitter, sign up now, it's easy...who knows what you might win!


  1. hehe I never win anything! ;-)

    But always spread my love.....hope the luck comes back round! lol

    Glad you love


  2. How lucky are you? Fab prizes there!

    I've won a couple of blog giveaways recently (brilliant Mr Darcy mug and a patchwork ASOS bag which I adore). I seem to have better luck with them than with normal competitions.

  3. Oh wow, I love that gorgeous cameo ring!! Looks like I better get more active on twitter:)


  4. Amazing! I need to enter more twitter comps!

  5. this is awesome! i'm still didn't get myself into twitter i can only imagine how "busy" that will make me haha
    congrats on the wins again!

  6. Gotta love Twitter! I've won a few competitions too - so much fun. Love the ring! :) xx

  7. I signed up for twitter ages ago but still don't properly understand it! Sounds like I need to give it another try!!

  8. Great prizes, you lucky girl!
    I still don't understand what Twitter is all about. Does it require a fancy mobile? I'm sio hopelessly Luddite-like when it comes to technology!

  9. Awesome prizes, very jealous. I need to start entering twitter competitions I think....


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