Saturday, 3 July 2010

Look at me, Look at me!

Whilst 'shoulder reading' a magazine a client was looking at the other day (us hairdressers love doing it - whilst maintaining full concentration of course!) I got a quick glimpse at some of the 'hair & beauty' pages in Look magazine.
Mentally making a note of the mag, I went out and purchased so I could rip and stick into my hair book. The hair book I'll have to show you at a later date. Pages of up do's, curls, cuts, fringes. It's really handy to have when someone wants something done, but doesn't quite know what. And I love cutting and sticking so I can be a loser and do that. My sister is probably reading this and shaking her head muttering "geek" :)

Right anyway, back to Look. I thought I'd show you the 'on trend' styles they'd produced in the mag to see how wearable they'd be. It's all well and good taking looks from the catwalk but they have to translate well onto the high do they?

First up, Swinging Pony. Ponytail with a bit of hair bling, using either a bit of fabric, thread, or leather/twine this adds edge to a classic. Look say it adds "an equestrian edge that's nothing but hot hot hot"
It's a ponytail and the added accessory element works, think this would suit a long haired lady like Vix. Pretty for a wedding or glamming up a day outfit.

Next, Ballerina Band. This just looks bizarre. Two buns, one on top of the head, one at the back. With a headband in the middle parting the two. Yup that's right a headband. The thicker the better.
This is just strange. I can't see anyone pulling this look off. I could be proven wrong though. I love the messy texture of the buns though.

Kirby Grip Overload. I've seen this on the catwalks, and it's amazing as training you are always told the hide the grips on updo's and if you are using it to hold the hair in place. But now it would seem the shown kirby is cool!
Patterns made with the kirby grips can look pretty funky but again I'm not convinced it's a great look. I think short haired girls can rock this on the shorter sides, with the longer top left and either quiffed or waved (Jen I'm talking to you!) 

And finally, Beehive Bow. This is easily the most wearable style and I've seen this everywhere - thanks to Luella. It has that undone look and the girly factor with the bow makes it such a lovely summer style. Backcombing is key, and even mid lengths can create this look.

Ok, so over to you guys, let me know which one you like the most, and I shall do a little tutorial on it for you! Grips grab your fancy? making a beeline for the beehive? *groan!* 

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  1. Look is such an amazing magazine, I always love their hair and beauty bit, even though I don't have much hair of my own!
    The kirby grip look is inneresting, I saw Brix Smith Start rocking the look on Fashion Fix the other night! Am yet to see it translate to real life yet!

  2. hahahha,it's probably no surprise that I go for the beehive!!

  3. What fab looks! Loving that pony tail idea, mmmmm, just wondering if I've got a piece of leather long enough to try it out.....
    Tutorials for all would be wonderful, pretty please.
    By the way, those Adee & Paul spiral heated curlers I bought at the boot sale on thursday are absolutley the best I've ever used!! Highly recommended if you ever spot any cheap.

  4. I like the very last look... Not too sure about the kirby grips, I think I'll stick to ones that are the same colour as my hair! though they all seem to have gone a walkabout (3 packets of kirby grip, and I can only find 5 kirbys!!) xx

  5. Oooh, you're talking to me are you?! I don't think I'm brave enough to go for the pinned up quiffed thing. If only you were closer to me, you could come and do all sorts to my hair! I love the Swinging Pony and think a tutorial on this would be great for long haired lovelies like Vix (she would totally rock it!) x

  6. Loving that beehive look! A bun practically on your forehead?! I don't think anyone can pull that look off!!


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