Sunday, 25 July 2010

It's giveaway time!...

Hair Advice and All Things Nice reached a milestone recently, 100 followers. Which made me a very happy girl indeed.

I know everyone says it, but I didn't think I'd get 50 followers let alone 100. So thank you very much all those who've given me a mention, commented, and read the blog. 

I like to think my blog stands out a bit in the blogging world. I don't see many blogs dedicated to hair - if there are any then I'd love to know? I started after getting some inspiration from Jen over at A Little Bird Told Me. That's how a blog should be done people! I wanted to give advice on hair, not only the basics, but stuff to do with nutrients and vitamins, and guides to salon jargon. And I hope I've helped and you guys find it an interesting read.

So on to the exciting stuff! The giveaway, nothing huge just a little thank you to you for supporting HAATN.

What you'll win; 

 A goodie bag with some Lee Stafford mini's (hairspray & protection shine mist) a mini Denman compact brush, a cute pair of hair slides made by myself, along with a handmade pair of pink rose earrings (by me also!) and a cute little quilted silver bag to fit it all in.

How you'll be in with a chance to win;

1 chance = Comment below, enter me along with your best hair tip.

2 chances = Comment below, and tweet the following;
Kel (@_silverpeacock) over at is holding a giveaway to celebrate 100 followers. Hope I win!

This giveaway will run till the 6th August. I'll pick a winner at random.
Open to international & UK followers.

p.s Please make sure you follow the blog otherwise I can't enter you. Not cool! 


  1. A well-deserved 100 followers, Kel! You blog is a contast source of entertainment, inspiration and fun and I love it.
    Please enter me! My tip is to pack a jam jar full of fresh rosemary and lavender sprigs, top up with boiling water, cover and leave on a sunny windowsill for up to a week. Strain and use as a final hair rinse for shiny, dark tresses. xxx

  2. Enter me in! Wide-tooth combs. WIDE-TOOTH COMBS.

    Congrats on 100 followers! A milestone indeed. =)

  3. Oooh enter me please!

    My favourite tip isnt really a tip but a product- Elasticizer by Philip Kingsley. So good for dry locks!

  4. I use henna from Lush on my hair about once every 6 weeks, it keeps it shiny and healthy looking with a nice glossy dark brown without covering my hair in chemicals :)
    All of the colours are great but I like caca brun best!

  5. Hey! always looking for advice that cuts through the jargon and is a nice read too! :-) Glad I've found you, please enter me for the competition! :-) x

  6. Enter me please Kel! What a fab giveaway. I'm so glad you've got so many followers cos I love your blog - always so interesting and fun.

    My hair tip (if it could be called that) is for lazy people like me who can't be faffed with doing up-dos in the morning. Do it the night before, sleep on it and it will look just a teensy bit dishevelled and sexy in the morning. Note - this probably only works if you sleep on your front!

  7. enter me please lovey!
    my favourite tip is not to wash your hair every day, its hard sometimes but stops your hair from getting too dried out! x

  8. Enter me in :)
    Hi by the way...I am now offically allowed to blog away!! Wahooo...get a weekend blog post on, pics and all.
    My Fav tip is get your sister to become a hairdresser, so she can style your hair and make it look lovely for me ;)

  9. Congrats on 100 girlie, you deserve each follower! Enter me please! My best hair tip is to always pat your hair dry with a towel after washing it instead of rough towel drying it, helps to keep the cuticle flat! xxx

  10. Congratulations on all the followers, you really deserve it!

    My tip(well kind of) is if you have fine, grease prone hair, dry shampoo is your friend!

  11. Ooh yes, enter me please! My top hair tip is to always blow dry fine hair upside down. :)

  12. Im in!!!
    My hair tip is:for extra ooomph,don't brush your hair for a few days before attempting a beehive!

  13. Hello! Thanks for the giveaway.

    My hair tip would be to invest in a decent pair of scissors if you're like me and you cut your own fringe. There's nothing quite like a nice sharp pair to get the result you want. :)

  14. enter me please
    my best hair tip: don't blow dry your hair til it's really dry because the natural beneficial cells in your hair will die out


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