Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Good Hair Diet...

We spend money on our hair. The lotions and potions we smother on our hair promise to create shine, volume, strong healthy hair. 

But it's not all about the outside that counts and makes a change in our hair. It's the inside to.
Eating the right foods, and keeping yourself hydrated can make the world of difference. The food we eat contains essential nutrients and vitamins to encourage growth, strength, and a glossy, thick mane of hair. 
I wrote about the benefits certain foods can have ON our hair, but what about what goes into our bodies.

Zinc. If your deficient in this, it can lead to hair shedding. Pecans, cashews and almonds are a great Zinc source. Brazil nuts also contain the important mineral selenium to give you thick and shiny hair . 
So go nuts for um nuts!!
Oysters are also high in zinc... you'll either love them or hate them though. 

Any fish is good for your hair, the Omega 3 element helps promote a heathly scalp, veggies can get the benefits through adding ground flaxseed to their diet. Salmon is delish, and so good for your hair, not only does it contain omega 3, it's packed with iron and the vitamin B-12. Much better than popping vitamin tablets. B-12 will help your hair growth, and strengthen the hair to avoid hair loss. If you decide to take B-12 supplements it's important not to overdose on these as they can cause harm to your body.

They help you see in the dark, but the vitamin A carrots contain also helps make the sebum needed to keep your scalp tip top. If you don't like carrots you can pick up your vitamin A from mango, sweet potato, spinach, cabbage and lots more.

Calcium, found in your dairy products, is an important mineral for your hair growth. It also contains high protein sources. So get yourself some yoghurt or milk!

It's a known fact that people equate hair and skin that looks good to being healthy, so keeping a balanced diet will not only help your hair, but your overall wellbeing. If your hair is looking dull or shedding then it's your bodies way of telling you that you aren't getting enough of the vitamins you need. 

Little hair fact for you, your hair grows around 1/4 to 1/2 an inch every month.

Do you try to eat certain foods to help your hair?
Think you'll be eating more of something from reading about what's in it?


  1. Great post Kel :)

    I don't think I do it consciously to help my hair but I aim for a balanced diet to help general health and wellbeing.

  2. Oh my goodness, that plait at the bottom is absolutely divine.
    I'm surprised I have any hair at all at the moment, my diet is appalling what with festivals, beer and twice weekly curries but it does seem to be growing at an alarming rate.
    Must try harder!
    I'm so impressed you guessed my alternate use for the hairdryer.

  3. Love this post Kel - I'm having terrible problems with my scalp - could you do a post with advice on what to try? I've tried pretty much all the medicated stuff, right up to the high end £20 a bottle shampoos - nothing works for long - help me!!! x

  4. when I was little my mom used to encourage me to eat lots of pecans/almonds... right now I'm trying to take a multivitamin every day and also eat peanut butter...

  5. this is a great post! My hair grows pretty quick so I am lucky in that sense. I'm getting married in November 2011 and I am now growing my hair...obviously not long but grow this style out.
    I'll have to stock up on all these foods till my wedding day.

  6. What an interesting post! I can tick off a few things that I already eat, so yay! As for nuts, I hate them, so I'll maybe have to find something else. . . xxx

  7. Glad you all found this a good read!

    Rach, if you want to email/formspring me about your scalp and I'll get some advice sorted for you.

    Looking forward to seeing your wedding hair!

    X x


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