Sunday, 11 July 2010

Competition time..Summer Snapshot

Whilst twittering I noticed HJi (Hairdressers Journal) were running a competition in association with Kadus to win yourself £250 worth of goodies, and all you had to do was upload a photo of a 'Summer snapshot'

I've uploaded mine, and if you want you can go to the website here and download, and rate/comment the photos I'd be very grateful.

There are some pretty good cuts, and styles there already. And this is the first time I've entered anything like this - it's a bit of fun, but you never know. It's great for my growing portfolio, and a little pat on the back for me.

The first picture was the style I created for my friend Annie for a summer wedding she was attending. Just a basic back of the head shot. 

The next is my friend Kristie, who kindly offered to help me out. We went for the whole 'summer' theme and along with the big volume boosting blow dry, and setting her hair in heated rollers, I added a hairline French braid and gave it the undone festival look. A giant flower pinned to hold her hair loosely finished the look. We tried two different styles, the second was the front of the hair swept back and pinned with the ends curled and pinned into place. Photography, by myself, and the hair was my doing also. I thought as the competition is summer snapshot what better than to showcase the hair with some of the flowers is my backgarden


It was a lovely day, Kristie is a good friend so we had some wine, created the styles, and she left for a bbq happy complete with curls and a flower. What more could a girl want. 
I hope your Sunday has been as relaxing and creative?


  1. Fabulous creations! I'l work out what to do and vote for you.
    I love that undone plait. Kristie is stunning.

  2. Dude, these are absolutely gorgeous! you are super talented :) going to vote for you right now! xx

  3. These are both beautiful! I want you to do my hair :D

  4. they are both so cute.
    i am your 100th follower.
    i deserve a prize.
    ;) xxx

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  6. These are gorgeous hun! Congrats on 100 followers! xxx


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