Monday, 26 July 2010 you 'Deeley' use Patene Pro-V Aqua Light?

I'm not calling the Deeley a big fat liar, however how 'honest' are celebs when it comes to endorsing products?

Is Cat's hair really down to Patene Aqua Light range? If so I for one would be rushing down the local supermarkets and cramming my trolley full. 

I've got no doubt that as part of her contract with Patene she must quote their products and whenever she is asked how she gets her hair to shine and swish the answer will be "with Patene Aqua Light of course!"

It's all part of the 'Make a swisssh campaign' getting us ladies to make the most of our hair. And I'm all for it - I'm a total swisher when my hair is feeling good, and I love seeing my clients swish their hair after it's been done.  

How gorgeous does she look!

I'm under no illusion that however much of the Patene Aqua Light range I throw on my hair I will never look like Cat Deeley, but I may think from the advertising campaign that I will be able to achieve her glossy light hair and dream managability. Which is fantastic if I can, but 9 times out of 10 we are left disappointed by the promises made by hair & beauty products and the results we achieve. Are we too quick to buy into the promises? or sucked in by the celeb and willing to try anything to get bouncy hair like Cheryl's or glossy hair like Cat's?

A quote from the Deeley herself on how she'd describe the feeling of the Aqua Light range.

‘Has your hair ever felt so good you can’t help but swish it? - you know  that elusive “swish”, when hair moves perfectly. It’s that beautiful, healthy looking, enviable hair that we all want – that’s what you get with new Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light.
‘I want my hair to be clean, fresh, light, shiny and healthy. I want it to be super-manageable and I want it to super-easy.' 

Do you think celebs fronting haircare campaigns are a crafty ploy from the company they are endorsing? Would you prefer seeing a before and after campaign with 'real women' - a tactic that works for Dove?

Their website is if you want to check out the range, and I for one will be picking some up to try out when I'm shopping next.....
I'll report back if my swish outswishes Cat's


  1. I'm very sceptical about celebrity endorsed stuff, like Claudia Schiffer really dyes her own hair and that fit guy from Gray's Anatomy covers his grey with "Just For Men". Nah! Don't believe a word of it. Wasn't Cheryl Cole sporting extensions when she was claiming it was L'Oreal making her hair so luscious and thick? Shameless the lot of 'em! xxx

  2. I agree. Celebs obviously make a deal that they will mention them whenever and wherever! x

  3. I try not to buy into the hype of celeb endorsed products. Im sure they all actually have an assistant that comes over and washes their hair with pure gold extract blah blah blah than something us everyday folk can pick up down aisle 3 of our nearest supermarket!

  4. Thanks ladies, good to know I'm not the only one who goes "pffftt" when they come on gushing about the products!!


  5. Yeah,gimme a real chickie any day of the week! These celebs are atrocious liars!

  6. Aw, Cat looks lovely in these pictures! I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on with these! You and Cat could have a swish-off! xxx

  7. I saw this advert for the first time today...I'm not a big fan of celebrity advertisements but Cat's always had gorgeous hair so she seems like the right girl for the job! I'm not a massive Pantene fan but it's not too expensive so I may end up picking this up next time I'm in need of shampoo! x

  8. As someone who works in advertising, I know exactly how much of what you see is total bullshit! But you're selling a product, you want to push the benefits of it as far as is possible/legal.

    I don't agree with using hair/lash extensions in ads, though. I think that's really misleading. xx


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