Friday, 4 June 2010

Wavy Lady!!...

I managed to nab myself some of these beautys at the weekend...

Andrew Barton I Love Curls Professional Curling Iron

I love the Andrew Barton range, I already have the wavers which I talked about here, but thought I'd treat myself to the curling irons also.
I always have an excuse for buying a hair gadget as I can use them when hairdressing!

So what are they all about?

32mm curling irons, meaning you get those jumbo loose romantic curls. I'm not a fan of curling using GHD's (or any other generic straightener for that matter)
Ceramic coated, with adjustable heat dial (you also get this on the waver - great little option) that goes up to 200 degrees! The booklet that comes included advises what temp to use for what type of hair you have.
They retail at £19.99 in Argos, which I think is excellent value for money.

I created this look for work today, loose relaxed curls with one side loosely plaited and pinned.

Anything bad to say?

If I had to be picky, the cord could be a bit longer, I don't think the claim that the cord is 'salon length' is telling the whole truth.
If you have shorter hair than mine (just below shoulder) you may struggle getting a 'curl' but it's great for adding volume in the hair. It's more of an undone look anyway, if you want tight 'ringlet' effect curls then this isn't for you.

I think it's going to become a staple styling tool for me! Lovely curls all summer long (plus if it rains my hair tends to go curly so I'm prepared for our unpredictable weather!)

Do you already own this? or use another to give you lushious locks?
And are you a hair gadget geek like me?

p.s If my sister is reading this I put some front, smiling shots on - better?! :)


  1. Your hair's looking tremendously fabulous, Kel!

    I'm a sucker for a wave making hair gadget. I've got a Babylis "Patrick Cameron" spiral curler and some Remington Big Shot heated rag rollers, which I bought for £1 at a boot sale. I can curl the left side of hair with GHD's really well but my right side is a disaster. I may have to check Andrew Barton's gadget out.

    Can you believe I left my festival clothing behind? It's definately the first thing going into the camper when I pack for Glasto. The tickets arrived about an hour ago...yipee!


  2. Such great value for money! I use my straightners to curl my hair, but like Vix one side is always better than other!

  3. Your hair looks great!

    I'm not really a hair gadget type of person, I own two curling irons and a straightner but if anything I just use my large curling iron :)

  4. These look great! I use straightners to do my curls but i think i'm damaging my hair! x

  5. Oooh very nice! Fab look for summer, makes me wish my hair was long enough for curls again :( When it was longer I normally always used ghd's but these curling irons look very effective indeed! pretty lady! :) xx

  6. I am useless at curling... or rather, I was - now I have no hair left to curl!

    You look gorgeous here Kel. Lightly tanned and oh so pretty. You beaut! xx

  7. Love this look!! I may try this myself althou Im pretty useless! my hair has a life of its own! :) x

  8. Your hair looks real pretty like that! I really want to get myself a curling tong. I've been using my mom's old plastic hair rollers to achieve more body in my curls lol:P


  9. You hair looks so nice! I used own a curling wand when I was little, back in the day when I had long hair. My brother in law is a killer on the GHD with curls, he does his wife's hair whenever they go out... ánd he's a very aussie bloke!

  10. I love the 'side hair' thing in fact I might try to do it for a wedding I'm in this summer! Also, I've been meaning to say, I love your hair colour!


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