Friday, 18 June 2010

TRESemme, TRESemme...

Sorry if you now have the "TRESemme, TRESemme!" jingle stuck in your head!

I noticed whilst sorting my hair product box the other night (yes I'm THAT girl) that TRESemme products kept appearing.

I'm not keen on the shampoo or conditioner, I've used it before on clients and myself and always find the shampoo leaves my hair very static and the conditioner doesn't quite cut it.

Saying that, the styling products are amazing!! I tend to pick up products on a deal when shopping, and then if I like them I get them again.

So first up we have the TRESemme Volume Boosting Root Spray. A great item if you suffer from flat hair and want a bit of volume but find using some products leave build up in your hair. You simply spray onto towel dried hair, but only on the roots and style (preferrably with a round or vent brush to get some extra 'oomph')
I really have noticed a difference using this, and often use it when I'm going out - as it holds all night, and it smells lovely which is a bonus.

And then we have, the product I harp on about on a regular basis, TRESemme Thermal Heat Protection Spray an essential if you straighten, style and even blow dry on a regular basis. This has such a lovely smell, and the spray isn't too heavy making the hair wet. When you spray this onto hair, wait a couple of minutes before straightening or styling.

And finally, this jumbo tin of Salon Finish Hairspray. Amazing hold, great nozzle (you know some you push and get a giant squirt of product or it's wobbly. Nightmare) and it brushes out without leaving flakes or residue. The size of the tin is great as it lasts ages!

If you fancy finding out what products suit your needs, go to their website and do a little quiz... they also have some excellent styling tips and advice. What more could you want!

p.s I bought all these products myself, none were given to me and even if they were I'd still be honest with my opinions, otherwise you lot would beat me up! :)

Do you have a brand you love to use? and will you be giving any of these a try?
If you do fancy trying any out, head on down to Tesco where they have a 3 for £10 offer, or Sainsbury where you can pick up Tresemme and lots of other brands on 4 for price of 3 offer.


  1. I took your tip about heat protection spray but have run out of my mini bottle of it so I'll add this to my shopping list!

  2. I find the Tresemme hairspray to be very good :) I did get the jingle in my head when I read the opening of your blog!

  3. On you advice I started using the heat protection spray and its fab :) Doesn't leave my hair all heavy and product filled!!

  4. He he! I just tried the profiler and fell at the first hurdle...what type of hair have you got? Useless, that's me!!!
    My hair dye disaster was with that Loreal bamboo stuff, I've used it before and the nail polish trick worked perfectly, I reckon it's because I was using cheapo nail polish remover wipes.
    I'm seriously toying with the Lush henna but put off by the mess. Also I had an amazing "beach wave" perm a few years back and if I ever have another I don't think the henna will let it take.

  5. hey hun! thanks for the comment you made on my hair! it was real easy, i just did a deep side part and just wrap curled with hot curler iron!! i don't think i have anytime nor patience to do fancy things with my hair anymore haha
    and isn't Tresemme's products pretty awesome!? i love their heat protector(which i use for curling)

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