Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Tesco... Milk, Bread, Make up?!

Hi all!

Wondering round Tesco the other night I stumbled upon the make up stand ( I get left to look at anything but food when shopping otherwise we'd come home with crisps, noodles and soya beans)

I've bought Barbara Daly make up before and really loved it, and it's great value. So imagine my delight when I saw buy two items and get 'flutterbies' blusher free!! RRP £8

So I got a lippie, and some foundation (which is fab!!) and got this beautiful thing free...

It looks quite 'high end' considering it's Tesco, the butterflies on the design have a shimmer to them, and you have 3 differents shades. It's lovely on and gives a really summer colour.

Do you get any of your make up bits from supermarkets?
What do you think of them quality and price wise?
Would you dismiss an item just because it was from a supermarket?

All together now... "Let's all go to Tesco where Kelly buys her make up...lalalalaaaa"


  1. Awwww that blusher is soooo cute.

    I tired Barbara Daly for the first time after a trip to Tesco the other week. I really liked what I bought!

  2. How gorgeous does that little haul look? I want!
    Barbara Daly did the original Body Shop makeup, absolutely fabulous, no-nonsense, high-end stuff. I've been after her Tesco range for ages but sadly our town branch is dire.
    PS When my legs are'nt sporting a natural tan I absolutely swear by St Moritz tanning mousse, so like St Tropez it's scary (and I adore St Tropez) and at £2.99 from TJ Hughes it's a whopping £20 cheaper!!

  3. Ooh that blusher looks fab! I'm not generally a big makeup buyer but I'll pick up the odd bit here and there and the supermarkets seem as reasonable as it gets.

    M&S have some fab pastel nail varnishes in at the moment and I hear good things about the cheapo stuff in Asda.

  4. Isn't it pretty!! Soon as I saw it I got my purse out!
    BD is probably the most well known supermarket wise, I haven't tried make up in other - thanks for the tip about Asda Alex.

    Vix, I am so trying that! what a bargain. I'm a pasty girl and want a bit of colour but can't afford a holiday. I'm on the search. (If you want some Tesco make up let me know I'll get it and send it your way?)

    X x

  5. Nice one! Seriously, I cant leave supermarkets like Asda or tesco without having a good look at the clothes, jewellery and makeup :) I agree with vintage vixen, st moritz is the best fake tan Ive ever used and it so bloody cheap! Woop woop for bargains! :D xx

  6. Wow, looks like lovely stuff! My local Tesco doesn't do makeup :(
    Thanks for following my blog (am now following you too!), and I'm very glad you liked 'witness the shitness', haha!
    Great blog lovey xx

  7. Oooh, I LOVE looking at the make up and toiletries at the supermarket! Even better if they have clothes!

    I've heard good things about Barbara Daly. Must try that foundation. x

  8. oooh this blush is soo pretty!!! kelly i have a hair question for u! (saying you are the expert:))
    Im goin on hol in a few weeks and need a something i can spray on my hair through out the days that will protect my colour and stop it dryin out. Is there any product you could recommend? :) xo

  9. That blush looks so pretty! I need to spend more time in the make up aisle!!

  10. I love shopping for make up in the supermarket. I get a bit carried away! Just found your blog but I'll be checking back!
    Corinne x

  11. i love the cute butterfly packaging! xx

  12. That is gorg packaging!! I certainly have bought makeup at the supermarket!! Supermarkets are a fave place to shop for any and everything!


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