Thursday, 24 June 2010

It's good to know a hairdresser...

Thanks so much for the lovely comments on my last post. I rarely wear my hair off my face as I have an issue with um my face! :)

Ok, summer (Summer, summer, summmer tiiiiimmmmeee!) the time of weddings and parties to go to. I've had a few friends ask me to do their hair - and it's something I love doing.  I could stand there for ages curling, twisting, plaiting.

I had a 'trial run' with my friend Annie last night, I'm doing her hair when she gets married next year so this was good practice for her hair type. We tried a few things so I thought I'd share the pics with you.

First up, I french braided/plaited her hair along the top, from ear to ear. Then I loosely curled the rest of the hair, and sweeping to one side I attached a large flower at the back.

Then to try something different, I left the plait in, sectioned the hair so the top (crown) section was loose and using the bun ring from my last post (bought in Boots for about £3) I created a low slung side bun, then taking the hair from the crown I'd sectioned I began pinning the curls loosely around the bun. I attached some cute flower slides and that's it! It will be neater when I do it on Saturday, I'd been brushing, pulling the hair into different styles most of the evening. 

We've decided to go for the bun, it's going to be a hot day here, so it'll be nice to have hair off your neck and as I'm doing her hair in the morning and the wedding is in the afternoon it's gonna need holding power 
(lots of hairspray!)
What do you guys think? Do you like getting your hair styled and messed around with, or is that your worst nightmare?


  1. Oh the second look is stunning! I love the bun and curls and the little clips are such a pretty touch.

    Personally I can't bear having my hair touched. Probably cos it's the most stupid hair in the world and gets unbelievably tatty about 2 seconds after it's been brushed. I've had to sit and have the tangles combed out too many painful times :(

  2. Ohhh, I love all the looks! I think the fourth picture has to be my favourite though - I'd love my hair to look like that! I've been trying out side-plaits, but I don't have very nimble fingers (in the end I give up & reach for kirby grips to hide away mistakes!) xx

  3. Fab look! Especially love the second one :) I am forever trying to perfect the messy, but pretty up do, haven't managed it yet though!!

  4. love all these looks! stunning!! love your bun below!! i really want to try this big bun thing with a bun ring but i have the thickest hair in the world im worried it'll be a) too heavy and fall down and b) be the size of a dinner plate once im finished!! lol x

  5. This looks stunning. I love the slightly undone effect, and the strategically placed flowers look wonderful! A really naturally beautiful style.

    Please come do my hair! It looks shoddy at the moment. :( xx

  6. How lucky is Annie to have a friend like you? I love them all but my fave has to be the top pic, I love the chunkiness of the plait, I need to try this (when my Glasto, not-washing-for-a-week zits have vanished)!


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