Monday, 21 June 2010

Get knotted!...

I've seen top knot hair do's everywhere lately! Whitney is doing it, Kate Bosworth looked stunning with it and now Kelly is doing it. That's right you heard me!

I started by pulling my hair into a high ponytail (tip head upside down if it helps) and securing with a little elastic tie. I then took my 'bun ring' the ultimate in all things bun and threaded my ponytail through, spritz the ponytail with Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray for texture.

I then began adding hair to cover the bun ring. Using a pintail comb (every girl should have one) I made sure the hair was tucked in and neat - I backcombed the hair to help it stay put and give some extra volume. Spray with a bit of hairspray, and that's it...bun done. I threw mine up in about 2 minutes but you can give yours more time and attention if you feel the need.

*Top Tip!*
Don't do this on freshly washed hair, wait a day, or when you are giving your hair a non wash day!

I haven't got a small enough or thin enough face to carry of the 'croyden face lift' look. I took a pic before though to prove my point. Sooo I pulled some hair out to mess it up a bit.
I'm not sure if this look suits me, it's a bit severe and I prefer my hair to look less uniform when up. I've seen a few versions of this and mentioned the look in my trend post a while back. 
What do you think?
Would you bun it up, or is this one hair trend you'll swerve?

p.s my bathroom is becoming a common picture place! Best place for natural light sorry guys!


  1. As a massive fan of the doughnut I think you look fabulous, really pretty! This is my hairdo of choice on the beach, Jon tells me it makes me look like Jordan (not in a good way) but it beats being all hot and sweaty.

  2. Im jealous of the long hair you got goin' on :( Maybe I could get a sexy clip in piece from Claires Accessories? Would you style it for me Kel? x

  3. that looks great on you! I think im going to try that with one of those asap! :)

    <3chelsea elizabeth

  4. If I leave it a day after washing it'll just look greasy and a bit Eastendersy! Oh dear, I wish my hair was a bit more cooperative sometimes.

  5. I have the same Croyden Facelift problem when I try and put my hair up! I think I need to invest in a bun donut( the edible and non-edbile variety!)

  6. Alex use the hair saviour dry shampoo, even if it's on clean hair, gives a bit more grip and texture to the hair and avoids Eastendersy look (haha love that!)

  7. I think this looks great on you! I love it in the all pulled pic. Not too severe at all! But what the flip is that bun ring thing? It looks like a donut. Apart from being hungry for donuts right now I am also wondering where I can get my hands on one of those babies... Because this look rocks and I can never get that bun right. Damn hair :D

  8. This is so cute, I always try to do it to my hair but my hair is really long and thin so it just ends up looking dumb because my bun is really tiny :/ but i've never seen those bun rings before, they look like they could do the trick, i'll have to check them out!

  9. Haha YES! Let's call it Tim, and that's a deal. I'll start grooming the web right now for my perfect hair piece (see what I did there?) xx

  10. Oooh, I LIKE this Kel! I think it really suits you - it's very sleek and professional, I can imagine it'd be good for you when you're working. I wish I had long hair (again)! x


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