Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Festival Smestival...

I've been to a few festivals in my time and love the bones off of them. Glasto is how my perfect world would be...I want to live there. Sadly not going this year (money + house + boyfriend who hates camping and his birthday falls on the same weekend = no ticket)

I never fail though to pack the following in my rucksack for the rough hair times ahead.

Dry Shampoo - the ultimate in survival for your hair. Avoid the greasy look with a quick squirt of this, wake up the morning of the festival and realise you have no dry shampoo, find some talcum powder.

Hat - Grab an on trend straw boater, or any sort of hat to cover up from sunburn (burnt partings are not a good look) or from the other elements. Found these lovely numbers online - first one is from New Look and is £10! Second one is also New Look but £5, sure you can buy the second one and a cheap corsage from Primark and get that look though. 

Grips and little bands - I usually slide the grips into the waistband of my jeans, and tie the bands through the waistband loopholes. Avoids rummaging in a bag, and if you don't take a bag then you have them on you ready to go.

Scarfs - ready to double up as hairbands at any point. If you don't take one pick one up at one of the funky stalls lining the paths of festivals.

Mini styling tools - I know some of us won't or can't do without some sort of heated tool to help us control our mane. If you need portable tools then Babyliss do a basic pair of straighteners to see you through for around £20. They won't be the best, but they'll help you out if you face a hair crisis.

Mini brush - I've mentioned my little Denman before, complete with mirror and the brush is sturdy enough for any hair

And if you can, give your hair time to adjust to the level of grease from not being able to wash it much during the festival time. A couple of weeks before start leaving your hair that day longer before washing - if it's greasy chuck it up or wear a hat. Training your hair to realise it's getting washed less often means the oils won't go into overload leaving you with a greasy barnet on the first day.

Are you guys hitting any festivals this year? If so what is your top tip?

What are your hair survival tips?


  1. I love festivals and usually go to at least 5 each summer! Not sure what I'd class as essentials other than wet wipes, wellies, plenty of hairgrips, statement jewellery and fabulous clothes.
    Last year we'd set up camp at IndieTracks, opened our first cider only to realise we'd forgotten to bring our clothes! It was a shocker but we had so much fun in the end that it didn't really matter.
    After all, it's really only about the music (and the vibe).

  2. Good advice. I don't ever go to music festivals. Well, I never went, and now I have the babee, so I suppose I won't! (I don't think I would like the crowds anyway!). But I do LOVE camping. Too bad your bf doesn't! That is truly sad!

  3. I keep hearing about dry shampoo,I'm so behind the times,and I must try it!
    hahahaha,Vix & Jon forgot their clothes!!!Thats brillant! I have never been to a music festival,doll,would love to go to glastonbury though.If I ever make it,I know just what to take!

  4. I can't believe you forgot your clothes Vix!!
    (I'd imagine that was one bag of gorgeous gear!)

    Helga, you must try it, it's given me an extra five minutes in bed more than once. Lifesaver.

    The boyf doesn't mind camping so much, I think it's the festival camping he's not keen on - can't blame him I got squished in my tent after someone fell on it.

    X x

  5. I can never get festival hair right and always just end up tying it back! No choice this year at Leeds Fest though - it's short and there's nowhere to hide!

    Will definitely be rocking a straw hat over the owl 'do. :) x

  6. I wish id known all this years ago back at my t in the park days :( haha. Batiste is the only thing I used, but all these other suggestions would have been so useful! il keep it in mind for europe when Im going to be a lazy girl when travelling and it comes to looking glam :p xx

  7. I've never been to a festival before, they do sound intriguing! Love the tips here though, especially the boater hats:)



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