Sunday, 20 June 2010

And relax...

After a heavy night partying what better treat for your skin than to whack on one of these...

I got a whole heap of these in my stocking at Christmas and give my skin a treat once in a while, I have to say the chocolate mask was yum! smelt like chocolate, looked like chocolate...didn't taste like chocolate (I had to try it!) 

Just pop it on, wait around 5 minutes then rinse off, leaves your skin feeling smooth, hydrated and pampered. And I think they are about 99p - a bargain! Sorry for the silly pics, I look quite scary! 

I also got a bit crafty, and made this for the bathroom door. Bought the frame from Dunelm months ago, and didn't really know what to put in the photo parts of the word 'LOVE' then had a lightbulb moment and popped in some of my favourite album covers - only thing now with itunes etc, you don't get artwork and great covers anymore. I loved going through the booklets on CD's or looking at awesome vinyl covers.
What do you think?

 So that's my Sunday in a nutshell, what have you been up to? relaxtion and pampering I hope!


  1. I love the LOVE frame! It looks so good with the music artwork. Such a creative thing to do!

    I find those particular face masks a bit hit and miss - some work wonders for my skin but others bring me out in spots! I guess there are different types to suit different skins. You look hilar in those photos! :) xx

  2. Ha! Thanks for being so brave and posing in the face mask, I've often bought those sachets as little stocking fillers and never actually tried one myself.
    That picture frame is fan-freaking-tastic! I'm going to steal that idea for sure, especially loving the gorgeous Jmimi!

  3. Loving the pictures in the face mask (and the fact that you tried it - I would too!). The frame for your door is so cool, what a great idea! xx

  4. Oh those photos are hilarious! You're a braver woman than me to post them - but you look fab!

    Love the picture frame idea.

  5. I love love love CDs and artwork, that is what CDs are all about! I have a huge collection! I love that idea aswell.

    Would you recommend those face masks to people with really sensitive skin or not?

  6. Love the frame! Fab facepack photos! I tend to stay away from facepacks, manage to get the stuff everywhere!!

  7. Not brave just silly! :) Don't mind a picture of me looking like I've fell in mud.

    Glad you all like the frame, it looks fab I must say.

    And Cherry! I wouldn't use this one if you have mega sensitive skin, mine is sensitive and I just about get away with it. There are some special ones they do for ultra sensitive skin.


  8. I love the frame! Such a great idea.


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