Monday, 14 June 2010

The adventures of Holly & Dozer... Part II

Good morning!! I got some great feedback to my last post on Holly - she said thank you very much! So thought I'd tell you about the other half in the gruesome twosome... Dozer.

So Dozer aka Doz, Dozy, silly little sausage, the Doz,

When we moved into our bigger house, Andy mentioned he'd like another dog. I was originally against the idea...another dog?! Holly was enough thanks!! But he twisted my arm and we ended up signing a contract (yes really!) to get Dozer, or to give him his pedigree name, Kingfriend I'm Gnom Atom (imagine yelling that in the park)

Here he is at around 6 weeks ish....and growing into his wrinkly head. We picked him up when he was just over 9 weeks - trying to escape from puppy training camp!

Doz loves to follow his sister, and copy what she does. They sleep, hang out and walk together - they even have a lead they share, two connectors, one lead.
He is obsessed with food - he'd eat till he popped.
And he loves to sleep (always with his teeth out) snores like a docker though - a few times we've had to shout downstairs to tell him to shut up!
He also likes destroying stuff please see picture with him exhausted lying next to a ruined bag of sand.
He's got a friendly little face, and although there is a lot of fear regarding staffies, he gets lots of cuddles and people generally fall in love with him - he's a very sweet natured dog.

It's not always been easy going though, we had such a scare around 3 months ago, I came home to find Dozer fitting/seizuring in the garden, it was horrible. I had no idea what was wrong. He was rushed to the vets, admitted as an emergency whilst tests were carried out. I was in bits - he's always been 'my' dog whilst Holly has a great bond with Andy. He ended up at a specialists near us and was given an MRI scan, spinal tap, ultrasounds and x-rays - to discover he'd had a brain haemmorhage - the bleed was so bad they couldn't give us a cause for the haemmorhage - we still don't know. It had caused him to go blind in one eye and deaf in one ear, we really thought we were going to lose him - but then he started getting better. It's a slow road, and he's on tablets twice a day (in a bit of cheese, he loves it) but he's slowly getting there. The 'high fives' have returned, he runs about with his sister, and generally has a great quality of life. I think it's really brought me and Doz closer and I'm just glad I could help him when he needed me. So anyone that has a pet, be sure you have insurance. It's pretty cheap in comparasion to if you have to make a claim and it can literally save your pets life.

Holly & Dozer would like to take the opportunity to say thanks for listening, and they'll be back soon....


  1. I'm so glad he's getting better! What a cutie, the sand picture made me laugh! xx

  2. Haha aww the little wrinkly pup pic of him is sooo cute! They are definately a gorgeous wee pair :) so scary about when he was unwell though, no wonder yous were worried sick. Its like having a family member seriously unwell eh? Never a nice moment :( Glad to hear he is on the mend now xx

  3. Poor Dozer! That must have been terrifying for all of you. Glad he's getting better, he really is an adorable little chap.
    Stephen's off to the vet's later, he's decided to chew the fur off his legs, crazy cat! Thank heavens for pet insurance!

  4. Loving Doz, or to give him his proper name - Thandie Newton. Such a fab doglette! x

  5. Thanks guys, he's doing grand now, love him so much. He often gets a random squeeze!!
    Vix, I hope Stephen gets on ok, poor thing. And as you say thank heavens for insurance.
    Haha Jen! Thandie Newton - I told Andy about that and he doesn't get it. He didn't know who the Newton was! *sigh*
    Doglette I like that!
    X xx

  6. Aww such a lovely post! Glad to hear he has recovered and is doing well!

  7. Oh my god, puppy Doz is just scrumdiddlyumptious! I ♥ Dozer. Next time i see him, i'm definitely stealing him, no ifs, buts or maybes. x


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