Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The adventures of Holly and Dozer!...

Just a silly post to past the many of you know I have two Staffordshire Bull Terriers, a Red bitch called Holly, and a Black dog called Dozer. And after reading cute doggy related posts on the wonderful Lily Loves Lola & Rants and Ramblings I thought I'd let you into the lives of my two terrors a little more...

First up Holly aka Hols, the ginger meerkat, baby girl, cow bag, usually only Holly when naughty.

We got Holly at 9 weeks, small, shivering and very cute...
This photo always makes me laugh, look at the size of her ears!!

She soon turned into a ball of energy - we were told at around 3/4 she'd begin to calm down...she's 6 this year and still mad!

She's also really intelligent, and recognises lots of words - fishies, pussy cats, squirrels - and can go to the exact point where they will be.
(fishies at our pond, pussy cats next doors fence and squirrels by looking up into any tree)

She can't turn down destroying anything, whether it be a toy, a snowman or my sunglasses.

And finally she bears any uncanny resemblance to Alexander the meerkat...well we think she does!


I hope this kind of post is ok with you lovely followers...Next up Dozer....


  1. I love Staffies, after all I'm from their home county. I've known so many over the years and it's impossible to resist their lovely nature and smiley faces.
    Holly is just gorgeous, very much like Alexander. I love how she's surfing t'internet!
    More doggy posts, please!

  2. Holly is such a cutie! Cant wait to see Dozer :) Haha she does look rather like alexander the meerkat, even more if she was able to break a wee smile! :) xx

  3. She's so cute! I can see the meerkat resemblance! lol x

  4. Aww she does look like a meerkat! hehe xxx

  5. SHE ROCKS! Although I have a soft spot for Thandie aka Dozer. xx

  6. Aww such a cute post! Can't wait til im allowed a dog!

  7. I LOVE animals and think this post is too cute!

    Lovely blog :)

    Cheers, Jesa

  8. Thanks guys, Holly says thanks also! :)
    Keep your eyes peeled for Dozer.

    X x


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