Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Times gone by... 60's

So todays hair era is *drum roll* the 60's. A time of the Beatles, pop art and Twiggy...

How was the hair worn?

60's hair begin the decade with big bouncy curls, beehives that were given some serious backcombing and woman would sit under hood dryers for hours, and sleep sitting up with curlers the size of coke cans to create volume at the crown and swept curls away from the face.
Hairstyles went through some dramatic changes in the 60's, influenced by the changing way we lived, fashion and music.
In the mid 60's, Twiggy, paved the way for the 5 point cut, a short crop very much like the crop Audrey Hepburn sported (quick little fact for you, Hepburn made famous the "skinny jean")
Later in the decade we saw a much more relaxed vibe to hair, introducing the hippy! Long flowing locks, parted in the middle and left to dry naturally

Who did it then?

Twiggy, Jackie Kennedy, Jane Fonda, Janis Joplin,
Faye Dunnaway (her look in Bonnie & Clyde had women rushing out to copy it)
Powerful women, with great hair, and an inspiration to many styling their hair in the 60's and even today. Looking at this era there really was a style to suit anyone.

Who's doing it now?

Hair trends are always being recycled for the modern day, with a slight tweek here and there. Ways of styling and ideas will be taken and sometimes reworked for today. Amy Winehouse is rarely seen without her giant beehive, and others like Joss Stone (before she went all weird on us) love the long relaxed lengths that Joplin sported.
The volume and bouncy style Jane Fonda gave us has been seen on Cheryl Cole, and a whole host of celebs. And the cute Twiggy style crop looks great on Carey Mulligan.

What do you guys think? Would you have been a 60's beehive or hippy lengths kind of girl?
And what era would you like to see next?


  1. Great post, Kel! Surely the best decade for hair!
    I'm definately a Janis Joplin, centre-parted, rarely brushed, washed a couple of times a week kinda girl.
    My mum, on the other hand took huge pride in her 60's beehive, she claimed to be able to hide a 12inch ruler in her hair the 'hive was so massive (sugar water and fortnightly washing apparantly).
    I adore Amy Winehouse's beehive and Jane Fonda's big hair...can we have a how-to, please!

  2. Ahh I love sixties hair! So inspiring :) My best friend is a total 60's chick, I'd love to see her all done up with the hair and clothes of that decade. She would seriously look the part! I think you should take us right back to the 20's for your next post :p xx ps. love your new header!

  3. I love the sixties for hair styles! great post. I think I would love a bee hive for a night out! It seems so difficult to achieve though! x

  4. 60s hair is so fabulous! I have long wanted Audrey's true elfin crop... when I first had my hair cut short, I went in with a picture of her but wasn't brave enough to take it out of my bag! I still think I'll get there one day!

    I love beehives too. That polished, prim and proper look of the early 60s is my favourite. xx

  5. I'd adore a beehive but I have no clue how to go about it.

  6. Fab post. I love the look of cropped hair, but don't think I could ever pull it off(and the Mr would kill me!)

  7. Lovely post! I wish my hair was thick enough to try some of these looks!!! The styles would just not last :/
    Thanks for the comment :) <3 xox

  8. ooooh i think i would be both i like mixing it up - great post x


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