Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Old Vs New...

The amazingly lovely Vix over at Vintage Vixen sent me these gorgeous hair wavers (sorry it's taken me so long to do this Vix!!) so I thought I'd do a little compare with my Andrew Barton wavers I've reviewed previously...

I think it's so interesting looking back at how women used to style their hair years ago and the equipment that was around then. We are so lucky these days to have something that will straighten, curl and totally change what nature gave you.

I am aware it may look to some like a weapon of torture! and of course it's going to be rusty - over 70 years old and using water and steam it's seen some wear - but I think that adds to it's charm.

I love the box, it's original and has the stamps on it (dated 12th April 1930)

The instructions given with the original wavers are great, such a funny tips include;

  • The fact it is not natural to use shampoo everytime you wash your hair, once every 10 days will suffice!
  • Wearing a 'bed cap' to protect against 'ruffling' oo-er!
  • Arrange with a friend to 'wave' each others hair - saving you money on your hair care bills.

I'd like to imagine a trendy Miss H. Brown using these before walking down the street to meet with friends for a dance and gossip.

The idea has evolved naturally, the introduction of electric to heat the plates rather than steam. And my modern day waver has a great temp dial.

I'm a complete hair geek, as many of you know, so I love looking at things like this. I'm thinking of getting this put into a box frame to show off in my hopefully one day salon.
Have you come across a 'vintage' hair styling tool or equipment? And do you think you could go back in time to use them if needs be?


  1. What a cute post!! So glad you're enjoying the retro stylers..can you believe people only used to wash their hair every ten days...I only manage a couple of times a week but that seems soooo wrong, it's a wonder those flapper girls ever found themselves a man.
    I'm sure my Babyliss crimper I had in 1980 is still in my old bedroom at Mum and Dad's house as is Mum's Morphy Richards' hairdryer from 1966...probably death traps!

  2. great post! and wow those wavers look a bit painful?!! haha but its amazing to see pictures from that era and women with those beautiful waves, and its the miracle works of these wavers!
    it would be funny to put them through a test run today ;)

  3. Every 10 days?! Are you kidding?! Yeeeeesh!

    I love the idea of framing the packaging to hang on the wall of your salon (please call it Curl up and Dye). Fab! x

  4. This is awesome! I had no idea that kind of thing was used back in the day. How cool :)

  5. These are amazing! haha I love the quaint little instructions and the 'advice' they give you. I absolutely loved the way my gran dressed when she was in her twenties, they would go to the dancing and draw lines up the back of their legs to make it look like they had those fancy pretty polly tights on. Shes told me some other cracking stories when it comes to what they did with their hair and makeup, makes me smile so much!

    haha and about the dream, I also thought it meant coming into money but so many people have told me otherwise. Gutted! :p have a good weekend girlie xx

  6. I love the packaging! what a fun post! being able to see how much things have changed from tools, to clothes to just society in general has always fascinated me =)


  7. Thats so cute! I can't believe how much everything has changed hair wise, we can do so much and have a million different tools for a million different hairstyles, crazy! x
    Please enter my contest if you haven't already... ENTER HERE :) ♥♥

  8. Loveee the packaging! Haha :]
    I love finding vintage hair equipment, its really neat to see how they did things years ago.


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