Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A little fun...

Just a little fun post with a couple of awards from a couple of lovely ladies...
First the 'Plastic Joy' award from Vix @ Vintage Vixen. Such a fun award and I'm sending this on to...(If you've already had this one sorry!!)

You have to pick 5 people you'd like to have a bit of 'joy' with...quite difficult when you start narrowing down the list...

First up - Captain Jack Sparrow, I know this is quite a common one, but he is stunning. I even fancied Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands and that's saying something.

Next... Adam Ant (in his younger days) Why I've know idea...think it's the voice, and you can't beat a man in make up..just not more than me. :)

And then... Tyler Durden (I'm with you on this one Vix!) Never has Brad Pitt looked so good. My oh my.

A little bit of Sting, as you can probably tell I have a thing for older men...Sting has a gorgeous voice - I loved the folky stuff he did recently. And he's not bad looking, bit of a silver fox.

Finally...strange one, but the voice of Alan Rickman in pretty much anything particularly when he's the baddie in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, it's like smooth sexy caramel! His voice makes me weak at the knees.

And this little sweet award from Vicky @ Lady Bug Says... thankyou lovely!!

Sending this one onto... everyone!! If anyone fancies doing this then be my guest,

I can't stop smiling today, I got my front teeth sorted, long story short, I had two ugly stains on the front from my brace wearing the enamel on my teeth. Really got me down, but today I got fillings to cover them, meaning no more stains and a very happy Kelly!!

What's making you smile and floating your boat today?


  1. Totally agree with Capn Jack and Tyler! Ooft! x

  2. Thanks girlie, youre a star :) haha, Il third that on jack sparrow and tyler durden ;) yum yum! I used to be obsessed with him in fight club, I told my mum 5 years ago to call her new baby Tyler when he was born. He turned out to be a she, but my mum called her tyler anyways! I wonder if thats what happened with my name too? :( haha xx

  3. Today I am smiling because I love my skirt. Seriously. I am that shallow!!! ;-) But, uh, yeah, totally agree with your Johnny Depp and Brad choices! I got this award too but haven't posted it yet because I can't figure out how to do it tactfully with having the husband and all.

    Not because he would be offended so much, but because I can't see myself doing it any other way than completely over the top. Because yes, I adore Mr. Depp and Brad and Jack, and, well, you get the picture.

  4. Hell YES to Alan Rickman! Love that dude!

    PS - I put your forward to be an Aussie Angel today - thought it was pretty fitting as you're all about the hair! :) xx


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