Sunday, 2 May 2010

A Heated Challenge...

Majority of us girlies have a friend we'd hate to be parted from, spend a fortune on, and see most days...

The straightner, straightening iron, flat iron, or amazing life saving necessity.

I am cursed (or blessed as some look at it) with wavy hair, it's neither beautiful curls or smooth and silk like. If I don't style it then it looks - well, like I haven't bothered styling it.

I got my first pair of straightners aged 15, a big clumpy Babyliss number that took an age to heat up and burnt many a hole in my bedroom carpet. It also came with a crimping plate - which I used. Can you believe crimping is making a comeback?! That's another story.

Ok Kel, we use straightners what of it?
The damage, oh the damage. I have been struggling to grow my hair, it's hit my shoulders and refuses to budge - and I really think that my daily straightening is taking it's toll.
I use the sprays, I give my hair treatments but straightners snag, snap and dry my hair, meaning if I want glossy locks I need to kick my beauty BFF to the kerb.

So onto my challenge...

For two weeks I will not be using straightners, tongs, or wavers. I will resist the promise of beachy waves, straight glossy locks and boho waves.

I have equipped myself with kinder friends, my trusty hairdryer (complete with spindryer attachment) and set of Babyliss heated rollers (as rollers do far less damage than other heated tools)

So here's a snap of me with straightened hair, and au natural (I apologise if this one scares you - no make up, just blow dried!!)

I'll update each week and at the end let you know whether the straightners will reappear, or whether they have been officially frozen out.

Could you go without straightners for 2 weeks? or would that be a easy peasy?


  1. I had to go without straighteners on Friday, I lasted 2 hours thinking I could work the bouffant look then ended tying it up and looking like a boy for the rest of the day! x

  2. You look HOT my friend! Your hair looks fab, so thick and full. Interested to see how this goes!

    I could never, ever go without straighteners. My hair is poker straight but I blow dry upside down to get volume and that leaves it sticking out everywhere! Luckily, it only takes about a minute to straighten so I've never really suffered from any damage due to straightening. I'll leave this particular challenge to you and your hair skillz! :) xx

  3. You look great both ways! I tend to blow dry my hair most of the time so I reckon I could do without a straightener!

    Thanks for the sweet comment, the ring is indeed YSL :)

  4. Oh I couldn't be without my straighteners! My hair is a massive frizz bomb pre-straightening. Good luck to you! x

  5. Found you!!! Love the new look blog and I think you look gorgeous both ways.
    I went cold turkey on my GHD's and have only used them twice in two years, I've never looked back!
    PS I have hair sticks!

  6. Hello again!
    I've just tagged you. Come over and get your award.


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