Sunday, 16 May 2010

Heated Challenge Update #2 & A new me!

Hi guys, and a hello to the new followers I've picked up!

So I've completed my challenge!! *runs up steps like Rocky and prances about at the top* Phew hard work.
Would I do it again?! Yes. I've found in the two weeks I've given up the straightners my hair has become a lot easier to deal with, and seems too feel healthier and smoother. I think I've realised now I don't need to use straightners everyday. It's good to mix it up with up do's and curls. I got so many compliments on the curly hair that I'm going to embrace the look more often. If you've got curls why not flaunt them eh girls & boys.

Here are a few pics of last weeks hair. It's so difficult to get good pictures of the back of your head and hair!! The Leopard print flower & little flower slide, they are both mine... The plaits were simple and I think my favourite for the week. (eagle eyes will spot my tattoo behind my ear, two little stars)

So onto the new me bit... well I've gone Brown, or Golden Maghony Brown to be precise. I fancied a change and was getting bored of the Red and how high maintenance it was. I adored being a redhead, but I can always go back if I want. I used Herbashine, which works in 10 minutes and leaves hair glossy & swoshable. It's still got quite a Red hue to it, but it's a toned down version. (I couldn't stop my camera making it look like it was red at the top brown at the bottom. I can assure you it isn't! - non straightened btw!) What do you think? Have you guys been laying off the heat or changing your hair colour this weekend? Or have you had much more pressing things to do?

P.s Just wanted to give my sister lots of good luck wishes and hugs, she starts a new job tomorrow!! Good Luck Stells, love you. X x


  1. Wow, two weeks have passed already?Mental. Well done on completing your challenge! Your hair is looking gorgeous! x

  2. i love those little side braids you got going on, so cute! almost better than wearing head accessories :)

  3. The side plait and the sweet accessories are just adorable and the colour of your hair is beautiful.
    Good luck wishes on the way to your sis!

  4. Yay for completing the challenge! Love that leopard flower!

  5. Loving your new colour, Kel! Your hair looks so healthy and shiny. Totally jealous!

    And your plaits are perfect too. Please come do my hair for me! xxx

  6. Good job on finishing the challenge!! <3 Your hair looks healthy, gorgeous and perfect!

  7. i havent straightened my hair for nearly 4 months now. I use to straighten my hair all the time, and my hair was very damaged.
    i gave up straightening because i want to grow my hair. My hair is in such better condition now.


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