Monday, 10 May 2010

Heated Challenge Update #1...

So, I donned my challenge cap...and how's the first week been I hear you cry....

To be honest I've been wearing my hair up the majority of time. I've been trying to make it look pretty by plaiting, twisting and wearing one of my many hair accessories but I'm a girl who'd rather spend that extra five minutes in bed rather than be styling and blow drying and without my straightners for a quick fix I can't do that.

I've used my spindryer, and I gave my hair a good blow dry before going to bed last night, and I went for a curry Sunday night so I used my heated rollers and pinned my hair to the side, quite a few people said it looked nice so think I'll do this more, better for a night out as my hair doesn't stay that straight after having a boogie - I think next week should be easier. Well I hope...some pics below detailing 'my journey'

I must say if I'd had my hair shorter then this would have been a giant fail. When my hair was in a bob I needed to straighten everyday. I think as it gets longer it should become easier not to use the dark destroyer (wow dramatic!)

(excuse the gormless face)

I don't know if I'm looking too hard for improvement, but my hair is defintely getting stronger, shinier and seems more managable strangely enough. I've also had less shedding which is great.

So onto week two, wish me luck, and has anyone got any non straightning advice?


  1. Wow, Kel! Your hair looks stunning. I love all the styles you're sporting but you look seriously hot in the last two (and I'm drooling over that orange choker).
    Glad the sticks reached you in one piece.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. I love all the different styles! The heated roller curls suit you so well but I really, really like the plaits and mini up dos in the earlier photos.

  3. Your hair looks so lovely when its curled! Good luck with next weeks! x

  4. I know that this post is about your hair, but all I can look at is your necklace! IT'S FRIGGIN AMAZING, I love it so much! I've been on the hunt for a pretty coral or turquoise statement necklace like that, but no luck :(.

    Anyways, onto your hair *cough* lol. About a year ago I stopped adding heat to my hair everyday because my hair was damaged, shedding, ect. I would blow dry or straighten it, I would just let it be it's frizzy yucky self. The longer I went without adding heat to it though, the nicer my hair got. I've been only adding heat about once a week now and my hair has gotten super long and I actually like it better unstyled now than styled lol. It's sort of bohemian looking. So my advice is that your hair will get easier to 'not style', the longer you go without styling it. I think it looks fine now though, loads better than mine had looked!

  5. This is lovely! Your hair looks so shiny in the last couple of pics, the colour is lovely too. Pretty lady :) xx

  6. you look amazing!! i love the picture where you're wearing the red headband and the last 2 pictures! love the color of your hair too!

  7. your hair looks amazing!! I am rubbish with styling my hair!! :)
    vicki xo

  8. I love these little locks and your hair looks beautiful and shiny.

  9. Aww thanks guys, these gave me a need confidence boost. I really think the heat ban is doing my hair good - luckily the colouring helps the shine, along with Aussie stuff.

    Caitlin, thanks so much for the advice, glad to know someone else has done this and it turned out well!

    x x

  10. Your hair colour is amazing! And where is that necklace from?! Love it!


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