Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Confession Time...

Thought I'd let you guys into a little secret. I have realised through having a wardrobe clear out (we are decorating the bedroom) at the weekend, I'm beginning to develop quite a problem...

Shoes. Flat or heeled, sparkly or suede, I'm sucked in everytime. I often zone in on a pair of shoes and instantly fall in love. I can think of nothing else, I need them. There are a must in my life.

Here's my ever growing collection...(with some missed out MIA due to our bedroom redec!)

And some favourites...

Pirate style boots from Faith, in the sale years back £130 down to £50. I was a poor student at the time, and raided many a piggy banks for these.

River Island boots - bought by Andy for my birthday, these are such soft leather, and I love the rough 'vintage' feel to them, buckles are great and they've got the perfect cone heel.

These wedges were £1.50!! Bargain. And they are so comfy. I've been wearing them with little lace socks, or for a geeky look white ankle socks.

Sparkly heels from M&S! Great for bringing a little something to any outfit.

Something else I've realised however, is that as hairdressing requires you to be on your feet for a long time - 5 inch heels aren't really the most comfortable shoe to do it in. As pretty as they look.
*sigh* Guess I'll just have to go out a lot more... what's a girl to do!

That's my confession, I feel better. ;) What's your confession? And do you love shoes as much as I do?

High heels were invented by a woman who had been kissed on the forehead.
~Christopher Morley


  1. Haha, you sure do like shoes! I had a wardrobe clear out on bank holiday monday, and it seems apparent that my confession should be that I have 11 boyfriend cardigans in all different colours. Ooops :) xx

  2. Definately share your love of shoes! 86 pairs at the last count :S Those River Island boots are fab!

  3. I really like the m&s heels - they're fab!

    I love shoes, but do not own enough (fact). I have such skinny feet that they have to be strapped in so wee flats are impossible to wear, and I have to wear about 3 pairs of socks when I have boots on!

  4. Wow, what an impressive array of shoes!! We must be shoe twins as I've spotted a few pairs in your collection that I also own.
    Shoes, bags, belts, earrings, maxi dresses, hats, I reckon I've got far too may obsessions.
    Mind you despite my huge collection I never seem to have the right pair for my have have the same trouble?
    PS Love the wallpaper!

  5. Shoes all the way - can't beat the sheer joy of opening up a box containing a beautiful new pair.

    I love the new layout but it's not following updates on my dashboard. Will attempt unfollowing and refollowing and see if that does the trick!

  6. Love the purple ones!! every girl has a slight obsession with shoes, its like boys and football ;)
    vicki xo

  7. You're such a shoe fiend! My obsession is spiralling out of control too - the bottom of the wardrobe is a literal sea of shoes!

    Love the RI boots. xx

  8. Love this post. Adore your shoes. My confession is: if the shoes fit, I buy them. I have awkwardly sized feet and nothing ever fits. So if the do fit YEAH! I've learned to make do with very few pairs. My other confession? I totally make up for it in clothes!

    ps. love your blog!


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