Friday, 9 April 2010

Tie Dye...for your hair?

Sure at some point we've all tried to tie dye our clothes, or worn some dodgy tie dye...however ever thought about doing it on your hair?

An emerging trend is to use bleach to tie dye your hair, giving it an 'edgier' and more undone look.

Fearne Cotton has been spotted out and about with her newly tie-dyed locks, created by her hairdresser Mark Hill.

The look is created by using a number of colours woven in the hair, then after this is complete, taking sections from the front, side and crown, twisting and 'sponging' on a bleach wash to create the 'tie dye' affect.

I have to say I really like it, I think it gives a great 'boho' look for summer, and is quite a relaxed approach to hair colouring....unless you go for the GaGa approach, where the colouring is bolder and the result, well it's Lady GaGa, subtle doesn't come into it.

Do you think this look is tie-dye for? (I'm sorry, really I am! haha!)


  1. haaaaaa great pun!
    i really do loke fearnes darker do....not sure about the gaga though!

  2. i think its nicely done when subtle "anything un gaga" I love how fearnes looks, not sure if it will catch on, sound like a pricey trip to the salon, but i can imagine there will be a few diy jobbies.


  3. I really like Fearne's new hair - it looks much more natural than the lighter blonde she had before. And as much as I love Gaga, the lilac hair really isn't her best look!

  4. Woah. I want this for my hair.

  5. I do like Fearne's, don't think I'll be rocking the Gaga look!


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