Monday, 19 April 2010

Something pretty for the summer...

I had my sister and her boyfriend come to stay at the weekend. Was great fun, tarot cards, BBQ's and a few drinks in the sunshine.

Whilst she was here I thought what better opportunity than to give you guys a little lesson in French plaiting - if you don't know how.

I love plaiting, and one of the trends about is the side plait - but what do you do if you haven't got the long locks to plait? Do a little one on the side of your head that's what.

You can do this plait anywhere, on the side, around the back of the hairline, in the middle going into a scruffy up do. The list is endless.

So to begin. Take a section of hair (as big or small as you want) and clip the rest of the hair out the way to make things easier.

Next take a small (or large depending on how big you want the finished plait) amount of hair from the top of the section, and split into 3 even sized amounts.

Begin plaiting as you normally would, cross the left over the right, and then right over left. Do this to establish the start of the plait....

Start to take pieces of hair to join the 'main sections', if the hair is taken from the left, add a bit from the left. And vice versa. As you continue plaiting, continue to take the hair to join your main plait. Once the plait starts to take shape it'll become easier to follow, starting the French plait is the hardest part.

When you have finished, secure with a small band, or grip. And you're done.

Once you've got the hang of French plaiting (I started doing small ones at the front of my hair) then you can get more adventurous, it takes time and patience, and if it's scruffy - then that's fine. Scruffy looks like you've just thrown it up with effortless ease.

Any plaiting experts out there? Or any novices who will be trying to get plaited this summer?


  1. Your sister's hair looks great! I like plaits but I'm not very good at them on my own hair...when I was younger I had a styling doll and became quite a pro at French plaitting! Think I need to start practicing again as it's a great look for summer :) x

  2. I really wish I could do this, but I am so bad with my own hair! x

  3. Ooh lovely, thanks Kel! I can plait horses tails with no problem whatsoever but I'm so cackhanded when it comes to doing my own hair. I attempted it last week and it looked awful so I'll give it another go following your instructions.

    Any chances of a fishtail plait tutorial? There was one in Heat the other day which I tried to follow and I couldn't make sense of it at all!

  4. Oh I am beyond hopeless at plaiting :(

  5. Ive given this a go and it ended up looking really bad! I dont think it suited me either (even though it was a mess!)....Hmmm, I might have another go now though!

  6. I used to make my mum french plait my (extremely long) hair every morning before school. The feeling of undoing them after they've been so tight all day is immense! Love them!

    I might JUST be able to do this in my hair. Will certainly give it a go as it looks fab! xx

  7. Thanks so much for the advice...looks great in the pictures!! Thanks for the sweet comment lovely. <3

  8. Haha aw I agree with jen, Im hoping at some point this year my hair will be long enough to make a little plait :) its my mum who I get to do them for me! Your sisters hair looks great, haha she looks rather chuffed in one of the pics close to the end xx

  9. I want to see pictures of attempts please! :)
    Ayden & Jen, I love small french plaits in shorter hair, and if the ends and bits fall out a bit, then that's even better!

    Nikki, keep practicising, it took me a little while to get it right. And bet it did suit you! :)

    Alex, I'm working on the fishtail plait, my hair isn't long enough to get a decent one out of at the moment, so watch this space.

    x xx

  10. Hi there-a fabulous hair tutorial, thanks for sharing and the effects are amazing, well done!


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