Sunday, 11 April 2010

Just popping out for a nail varnish...

Ok usually it's all about the hair, but sometimes I've got to tell you guys about what I'm buying. I need to share. :)

So I went to Milton Keynes yesterday, land of H&M, Lush & plastic cows.

I'd intended to get a nail varnish, a mint coloured one to be precise - and I did. But I also picked up...

Leggings from H&M, £5.99 and amazing. Just plain black, but long length so you can either have them ruched or wear them half over your foot. They are great value for money.
Couple of T-shirts, into my stripes so a Blue and White one, and a plain grey V neck that goes well with White distressed jeans for a casual look.
Also bagged a Purple and Peachy striped maxi dress. I have a maxi skirt that I wear to death, but wanted a dress for summer. It's super long and so comfy, sorry about the rubbish picture it's so long I had to fold to get it in!...and the best bit £7.99!!

Got two nail varnishes, Fairy Cake and Mint Choc Chip, No 17 have a 2 for £5 offer on them at the moment. Excuse the scruffy hands, I'll let you know how hard wearing this is, hands in water, shampoo and products all helps chip nail varnish quickly.
Grabbed a natural collection lippie (£1.99) in Lotus, they are such good buys for the price. And finally a pot of dream mousse shimmer in champagne. Great for a subtle bit of shimmer, I love the blush mousse they do also.

And I'm waiting by the postbox for these beautys from ASOS...

And finally a cute pic of 'the Doz', he's doing a lot better now - he was a poorly little thing. Still sleeps with his teeth out and snores like a drunken docker which to me is magic!

Hope you all had lovely weekends, and if you hit the shops were as successful as me? Are you loving the stripes? or fancying a pastel polish now?


  1. eeeee! love the mint nail polish! will be getting some of that at the weekend! <3

  2. ooh i noticed the pastachio coloured nail varnish is big at the mo as featured in this weeks look, so a good buy there with the mint choc varnish! i like the peachy colour just as much, i want some coral coloured makeup for the summer, 2 for £5 sound really good.
    I have a very simular dress to the purple one also from H&M last year, but mine is about knee length i wonder if they did the same design but featured a different length this year?! hehe i like


  3. I actually quite enjoy a spontaneous shop :) its always typical when you go out looking for an outfit or particular item, you never find anything. Yet when I go for a wander around the shops 'unintentionally' in glasgow, I always end up seeing (and buying) the most loveliest of stuff! Great maxi dress btw :) Im so gutted Im not really tall enough to get away with wearing one haha xx

  4. I've been eyeing up "mint" coloured nail varnish for a while now, it always looks so yummy and fresh - must must buy some!

  5. The mint nail polish looks gorgeous! Love the stripey maxi dress too - H&M always has such great summer clothing bargains :) x

  6. Ooooh, you got the polish! I meant to tell you I got the colour wrong on my post - it was Mint Choc Chip, as you rightly worked out! Such a pretty colour.

    Love, love, LOVE the maxi dress. Gorgeous buys! And gorgeous doggie - so glad Thandie's on the mend! :) xx

  7. Those are some awesome deals, and I love the nail polish!

  8. It's such a great shade, I keep looking at my (albeit slight bitten) nails and thinking how pretty it is.

    I had an idea I'd grab some bits for summer, but didn't hold out much hope. Trusty H&M to the rescue. I'm going back next week to get the Black and white one!!

    Thanks for the comments girls. :) X xx

  9. I LOVE the stripes, that purple and peach striped maxi is GORGEOUS! Good deals you got, too! I also am loving pastel nail polish, I really like Orly pixi stix I think it's called? Also China Glaze For Audrey is always a winner, too :)

  10. looks like a lot of great finds... the stripes will go with everything!



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