Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Hair History...Jennifer Aniston

Why I hear you cry? She has had the same hair for like forever!!
Let's have a look and see how the woman on many a best hair list has styled her bonce over the years.

When she first popped up in the TV series, Ferris Beullers Day Off, no one could have known that this ladies hair would be a major talking point for many of us! Before we start, a quick picture to show all us ladies there is light at the end of the hair tunnel.

Check out the heavy 80's look, volume, length and a blown out fringe. She looks so young! This was 1990, year of oversized baggy tees, grunge and knee high socks.

1994 brought us the 'Rachel'. Hairdressers all over the country were bombarded with requests to give them the layered, choppy look Aniston sported as character Rachel Green. I had one, my friends had one - it was far too grown up for us 14 year olds but we thought it was the best!

And I'm sure many of us tried to sweep the 'do up into the cute chignon the way 'Rachel' did. Apparently this is the most requested hair cut ever! Quite an achievement!

Whilst playing Rachel Green from 1994-2004, her hair changed quite a bit from series to series. The 'Rachel' grew out into a longer, sleeker layered look. Pretty sure this was the L'Oreal "Because your worth it" phase.

2001 was a time for being brave and we saw Jen go short, with a cute bob. The colouring will similar, mid brown with some honey and light blonde colours through but the style was a step into the unknown. Jen has admitted she wasn't keen on the shorter hairstyle. I really liked this look on her, suits her face shape and looks clean and sophiscated.

Her hair then went to Rapunzel lengths, far too long, and for the majority of time poker straight leaving her pretty face to drown in masses of hair. Middle parted, the colouring is lovely, love the honey sun kissed look.

Jennifer knows what suits her and what style works best. Boho styled tousled waves, honey caramel perfect colouring for her skin. This style has popped up a lot over the last few years. As Jen has got older she has embraced her natural wave, and this look is great on the red carpet - adds a hint of hippy cool to gorgeous gowns and outfits she wears.

Hardly ever see Jen with her hair up, could only source a few snaps. How 90's is the twists and little bands in - just seems far too fussy for Aniston. Love the loose side bun for Along Came Polly premiere.

I love the casual ponytails with the smart tailoring. Wish she'd wear this look more often (as I wrote up this post, she wore a casual ponytail for another Bounty Hunter premiere-gorgeous!)

I'll leave you with some more recent snaps of the gorgeous haired one...
Looking groomed yet bang on trend with the front french plait, going into loose waves for the Vanity Fair party.

Looking ultra hot in a W Mag shoot with Gerard for The Bounty Hunter and a snap from the Berlin premiere...

So did you have the Rachel? Or do you think Jen's hair is boring and bland?
And who's next for the hair history treatment?...


  1. i really like that black and white pic of her, so so so pretty! and her front braid looks so cute! great post

  2. I never had the Rachel! Love this post Kel - I always think of her as having very samey hair so it's nice to see some different photos. I especially like the classy ponytail and the cute side bun.

  3. she looks great with a long sunkissed ponytail. But my favourite hairdo is the tousled/wavy style


  4. When I was in elementry school all of the little girls my age even had the Rachel haircut! Ahhh, those were the days xD

  5. I'm obsessed with Jennifer A, or JenAn as I like to call her. I had the Rachel when I was about 13, my mum used to curl the layers around my face RIGHT under so I had a weird, long bowl-like style. So chic!

    I adore her style and her hair is such a big part of her appeal. It all seems so easy, so achievable. It's never fussy or over styled, and it looks like I could do it myself in 10 mins!

    I can't, obviously. But still! I love Jen and wish she was my bestie! xxx

  6. Yes, I was one of those 14 year olds with layered feather, a la Rachel haircuts, and I loved it! She is one of those timeless loveable people!

  7. Saw your comment on A Daisy Chain Dream & wanted to pop over to say hi! I love blog hopping!

    the many faces of "rachel." love it!

    I’m hosing a giveaway for a Vintage Ring that I think you might like. I hope you’ll check it out.

  8. i have a curly balck hair, so never the jen moment in my life,haha...
    love ur riview about jen hair do...


  9. I had the "Rachel" in high school!! I lovedd that hair cut, so cute! xx.

  10. wow. love it. she really looks gorgous all the wau through.... pretty pretty.

  11. I think Jen has been pretty clever about her hair... Shes never had any bad press, or attracted any unwanted attention with bad hair doos. So its kinda worked well for her I guess :) Haha, the comment you made on my last post made me giggle. I definately think you should steal one, but for the sake of £12... nah actually, fuck it! Il come with you. Best make sure we have good running shoes on though :p xx


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