Friday, 16 April 2010

Got a Brazilian...

Blow dry that is?

Seems funny to me that a word associated by many to not leave much hair could be linked to the new hair craze hitting celeb land. The Brazilian blow dry (blowout) or permanent blow dry is what I'm talking about.
Nicole Ritchie loves them, Ashley Tisdale is a fan, and Yasmin Le Bon has got the Brazilian blow dry express to manageable hairsville.

So what is it?

Basically a really good blow dry. A decent blow dry should last anywhere to a few days to a week depending on how often you are styling it. The Brazilian eliminates frizz, and whilst keeping the volume of the hair, gives you the option of easier styling (many reviews have mentioned wash and go) and the ability to curl, straighten and restyle your hair any number of times.

The hair is 'painted' with a keratin-rich product, containing cocoa oil, white & red clay, vitamins and proteins. The hair is dried, then straightened to lock in the product - and you leave the salon. Waiting around three days, then either returning to get the product washed out the hair, or washing at home, they recommend in this time not to do anything to your hair, hairbands will may leave kinks, and rain may trigger some major frizz. No cheating otherwise it won't work.

It will calm even the curliest of hair. Whilst not leaving poker straight if means that if you jump out the shower, and you are running late, blow drying your hair and going will be possible. No frizz, and a smoother, more groomed look. And just to keep blowing the Brazilian blow dry trumpet, the treatment washes away, meaning that you can't see the difference between newly grown non treated hair, and hair that has been - which is generally the case with most treatments.

Lasting around 4 months, and costing anywhere from £150, to around £250 - it ain't cheap. But when thinking about it, the daily cost of having great hair is around £1.66 per day. Not bad eh?
And the exciting thing about the blow dry is that it's not damaging for your hair, it builds and strengthens your hair rather than breaking it's structure down. Just gets better doesn't it.

There are a few salons offering this service, Jo Hansford being one, Daniel Hershesons salon is another. And I've heard a few murmurs of salons being given training so keep an eye out, if they are training they will want models so you might be able to bag yourself one!

Would you part with the cash for a Brazilian? Or happy with the styling battle and money in your pocket?


  1. When I first read about Brazilian blow-dries I thought they were an amazing idea - the promise of sleek hair and it being good for the hair sounds almost too good to be true. Then I thought...what happens when your hair starts to grow? Would you be left with sleek lengths and frizzy roots?!
    I don't know if it's something I'd go for myself but if you can afford to have it done and to keep it maintained then it does seem like a good idea. x

  2. I thought the same, but it washes out rather than grows out so you don't get that problem!
    I'm seriously considering it, might wait for it to lower in price a bit, or try getting in as a model. X

  3. I wish I had long hair to give myself a Brazilian Blowdry! Great blog, darlin'! :)


  4. this is the craziest thing!! painted hair then dried how strange,hmm dont think id paid it or a blow dry. hair colour treatment or dying yes maybe but nah id just stick to me wee hair dryer!
    vicki xo

  5. I cannot imagine this working for me! Even when my hair's been professionally blow dried, I still have to wash it and do it again the next day. x

  6. Very crazy!! xxJR

  7. I heard about this from a magazine the other day.. abit bizarre haha :)♥

  8. Im the same as jen, I need to wash my hair every day! :( thanks for the comment on my last post, the story about your old hamster made me giggle, and the imagination of arranging a meeting with the girls face and the floor made me laugh out loud too! :p xx

  9. I just can't get past how dodgy that sounds!!!


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