Saturday, 3 April 2010

An Easter treat from me to you...

Ah a long weekend, and it's Easter...that means chocolate...and lie in's! Could it get any better?!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter time whether it's spent with family, friends or your body weight in chocolate. :)

As a little treat for you I'm offering 15% off ANY item on the Silver Peacock website. Whether you fancy treating yourself to a cute pair of slides, or maybe an exotic peacock feather clip, you can...and what's even better you get 15% off!! Just enter EASTERBUNNY at the checkout. (this sweet treat is valid till 16th April!)


  1. I think I'm the only person not getting chocolate tomorrow lol, I shall make up for it next year! Happy Easter doll x

  2. ive only got one easter egg! lol! anyway, hope you have a good easter

  3. I kinda forgot that easter meant lots of chocolate and random £10's from your granny and aunties :) haha totally not complaining! Hope youve had a great easter weekend lady. Thanks for the lovely comment on my last post. Was a new guy in my mums salon that did it, im still a bit unsure but it just needs to grow in a wee bit more and it wont be as bad :( xx

  4. I've totally OD'd on chocolate. Kel, I feel awful. Please don't encourage me to eat any more!!! xx

  5. Eat more!! do itttt! hehe I do feel quite sick from eating a lot, plus a lot of naughty take aways!
    HAHA! Ayden I had a random £10 from my nan, they love it don't they.

    X x


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