Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Handbag hair essentials...

You do your hair, it looks great, you go out and in two seconds you've either got a sweaty fringe slapped to your forehead, or the perfectly coiffered do is as flat as a pancake...and if you are outside you end up with a windswept birds nest which is great if you've planned it, not so cool if not.

I've seen loads of 'what's in your bag' blog posts (and love them!) and thought I'd add to the phones, purses, sweets, diarys, random buttons that have come off clothes with a few hair care items I think are total essentials.

I always carry the following in my bag...

Little elastic bands - I bought these bad boys in Primark for £1 - you get hundreds in a variety of colours, they are also a staple when I'm hairdressing. They don't snag the hair as much as normal elastic bands (when removed properly) and because of their size are really handy for creating quick up do's and securing mini plaits and twists.

Denman mini brush - I got mine in Sainsburys for around £2.50 a while back after hunting for a mini brush for ages (there used to be loads around?) This handy little compact has a mirror and is Pink and Black and because it's a Denman I know it'll be around a long time.

Travel mini's - The little hairsprays are a life saver in hair nightmare situations. Small enough for your bag, and don't cost the earth. The Lee Staffords ones are great and smell fantastic. And in a cute pink tin they are stylish and useful.

Headband - I'm a total hair accessory fan, I have so many headbands (product of nightmare fringes) fabric, sparkly, bows, beads. Got the lot. I love pinning my hair up and adding a headband to create some volume round the crown. There is always a headband lurking in the depths of my bag.

I'm working on some posts at the moment, and have some exciting Silver Peacock goodies coming onto the site...and quite possibly a little treat for my followers. Take care you guys, and hope you are all enjoying the 'summer' weather we are having!


  1. That mini brush is just fabulous!

  2. Great contents, love that sweet little brush and all the accessories. The bag's pretty cute, too!

  3. Love the Denman mini brush! They were all the rage in the late 90s, don't get many of them about anymore!

    I don't carry any hair stuff with me... but I really should. I need a mini can of dry shampoo for dealing with my daily limpness!

  4. love this post!
    these essentials are always needed!

  5. Gosh, how brilliant! Your bag is complete for any impending hair disasters ... I don't even carry a brush with me!

  6. My fringe is getting huuuge these days, so a mini hairbrush and hairspray is an essential for me! Cant have it parting during the day :( Haha nightmare. Thanks for sharing missus xxx

  7. What a cute idea! I love all of your hair related posts, and I need all the help I can get. My hair looks like a horsetail right now, haha! I feel cool cause I have a brush just like that in my bag, too! It's from Sephora but looks almost identical :)


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