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Hair History...Madonna

She of the cone bra and ever changing style, Madonna has been around for years now - first rocketing to fame in 1984 and not really being out the spotlight since!
She's sported every colour and style, she's a true hair chameleon.

So to the beginning, Madonna first outing showed us roots, shrunching and some serious accessories, but hundreds of girls copied the look! Her first album, Madonna, had hits Holiday and Borderline (my favourite) This look dominated the early part of the 80's, for further albums, Like A Virgin & True Blue

As you can see the hair got shorter towards the True Blue time, and blonder. I loved the True Blue look, 50's with a twist - makes me think of Kelly Osbourne's style a bit.
Next up the iconic video for Like A Prayer...featuring a black Jesus. Shocking for many at the time - something Madge is always trying to do. She showcased a much longer and natural look, a deep Reddish Brown wearing her hair in curls. This was the end of the 80' would the chameleon mix it up and keep her audience captive?

By channeling Marilyn Monroe that's how!! The Blonde was back, and brighter than ever. The 90's was quite a decade for Madonna, she was fresh out of divorcing Sean Penn, touring on her Blonde Ambition Tour, Vogue hitting #1, starring in Dick Tracy (and rumoured to be dating the leading man) and she released a greatest hits album, The Immaculate Collection (which I'm sure is in every person's cd collection somewhere!)
She began the 90's with a rather sexual image, videos for 'Justify for my love' and the Blonde Ambition tour saw that Madonna = Sex. She even released a book about it, full of images of her, other models and Vanilla Ice (bizarre!)

Towards 1995, Madonna adopted a toned down, more ladylike look. She was wanting the lead role in Evita (and we all know how that ended!) She also announced at the end of filming she was expecting her first child, Lourdes.

The later part of the 90's was kind of quiet for Madonna, she slipped out the spotlight, working with William Orbit on the hugely successful 'Ray of Light' album. A return to form after 'Bedtime Stories' Released in 1998, 'Ray of Light' was a departure from the pop sound Madonna had cultivated, and her image matched the music, trippy, classic dance sound. In came the long, hippy style hair showcased on the album cover. Madonna did change it up a bit going jet Black, 'Grudge girl' for the Frozen video, I'm not keen on this as I think it makes her look washed out and hardened. Overall it was a much more natural image for Madge, natural make up and avoided the over styling of previous years.

She worked with Orbit again for the release of 'Music'
The videos for singles, 'Don't tell me', 'Music' & 'American Pie' saw different do's for each, Music first off had the peroxide blonde look back, looser curls, and a stetson for the video. The curls have come and gone with Madonna, in various guises, from hippy chic to full blown glamour. Bling and fur (faux I hope!) were the wardrobe choices. I think her hair looks lovely, if a little too done. Next up, 'Don't tell me', cowboys and rodeos, Madonnas hair looked beautiful in this video, from the colour to the style.

Through the 00's (I hate using that term!) Madge kept it quite similar and her look hasn't changed a great deal length wise - she's tried harder set curls for American Life, more of a structured look, accessorised with hats. Slicked buns and more of a military influence appeared as a running theme for this album, and we saw Madonna go back to a more natural Brown hair colour. She also released her childrens books, so I believe she was again changing her image to fit with career plans.

Towards the end of 2005, Madonna released 'Confessions on a Dancefloor' it was a great success (although the leotard situation was not - put it away Madge!) . The album cover showed Madonna with Red hair, but for most of the videos and promos, Madonna had Blonde hair. Sorry saw flicked out hair to frame the face, Madonna seemed to take inspiration from the 70's, very Charlies Angels.

It was time to tour again, to coincede with the release of 'Hard Candy' Madonna rolled out her Sticky & Sweet Tour. Once again the hair has gone back to nautral waves, or full glamour curls - just a different variation. Much like Steffani, Madonna knows what suits her and she has always set the trends rather than followed them.

The image on the right is from the 2010, D&G campaign. I think Madonna's hair looks great here, all sexy and tousled. She is also dressed a lot better (no big pants, leotards and mesh) Reminds me of Debbie Harry back in her Blondie days.

Love her or hate her, you can't think Madonna is boring.
What is your favourite Madonna look?
And who's hair history would you like to see next?


  1. I loved her hair in the mid 90's for sure.

  2. I've always loved Madonna (apart from the adoption bit).
    She's exceptionally beautiful and always been fearless in her approach to fashion, style, music and art.
    I don't think I've ever seen her look rough. She's an inspiration for us (ahem) older ladies. Personally I love her with dark hair, but maybe I'm a little biased.
    Great post, Kel. You've done your followers proud.

  3. i've always really liked her!

    Checkout my mothers day UK giveaway:

  4. I adore how she manages to find a new look every time!

    Just stumbled by & I love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  5. I always have loved her and her crazy looks! I think I like her more recently blond waves best.


  6. I love her Ray of Light hair. So undone and gorgeous.

  7. = legend! I think all her styles perfectly reflect where and who she is in life!


  8. Gosh! She is such a fashion chameleon! She looks good in any look! :)

    Follow please? <3

  9. Great article! nice pics :)

  10. Great post! I am a huge Madonna fan! Have a sweet day!


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