Monday, 1 March 2010

Do it at home...Deep Conditioning Treatment

Some of you may remember me giving you a little treatment instruction a little while back, I thought I'd do another for you, this time a deep conditioning treatment.

I know a few of you will probably already do this in some form, whether it's leaving the conditioner on whilst you shower, or buying the tubs of conditioning masks and giving your hair a pamper once it a while.

Why do it

Well hair can take a real beating from the elements. This could be the weather, or pollution and of course not forgetting what we do - drying, straightening, colouring. It can leave your hair feeling dry and slightly bush like.
A conditioning mask is great for getting the nutrients back in your hair and helping to protect it from the evils that lurk out there.

You'll need;

Wide toothed comb
Kitchen roll
(any spillages can be mopped up then rather than later when you forget and slip on it - talking from experience!)
Shower Cap/Cling film
(if you want to leave on overnight it'll avoid conditioner getting everywhere and you don't have to stay in the bathroom whilst you are waiting)
A good tub of conditioner
(look for tubs relevant to your hair type e.g. colour)

1. Firstly, make sure you have the time to do this treatment. I find Sunday evenings great - nice and relaxing end to the weekend.
2. Take the lid and any seal off the tub ready to apply - might sound stupid but you have no idea the amount of time I've been wrestling with a lid of a conditioner tub because I have wet hands.
3. Apply the conditioner to wet clean hair that has been combed through. It's best to apply a liberal amount of conditioner - depending on hair length.
4. Once totally covered (you can comb the conditioner through to ensure all ends and lengths are covered) wrap hair up to sit on your head and cover with a shower cap, or cling film. This avoids drips and helps the scalp to warm up and the conditioner to penetrate doing a better job.
5. If you feel your head isn't warm enough, give it a quick blast with the hairdryer on low heat straight onto the shower cap/cling film. A conditioning treatment can be left on for 20 mins, or overnight depending on the type and how much your hair needs the moisture.
6. If you are removing the conditioner rinse with warm water, until the product is fully removed. Then give hair a blast with cold water to close the cuticle (closed cuticles mean shiny hair!) and help stimulate blood flow to the scalp.
7. Style as normal. Your hair should feel smoother, look healthier and be easier to manage.

This isn't a treatment to use everyday, once a week is fine, or after you have a colour treatment or have styled your hair a lot.

There are some great tubs of conditioners out there at the moment, why not try...
Umberto Giannini Indulgent Beauty Moisture Mask, Lee Staffords Smooth Treatment or Lush Retread. If you are on a budget use your normal conditioner just leave it on following the instructions above.

Follow the manufacturers instructions and let me know if you have any favourites you love to pamper your hair with...and have any of you tried this in a salon?


  1. Thanks for this, Kel! I'm definately going to try the Retread, as I'm currently loving all things Lush.
    I bought a pot of intensive conditioner from a charity shop for 75p because I loved the wooden pot and the fact it was still sealed. When I got home I googled the name "Ojon" and found out it was nearly £30 a pop. Nice stuff, gorgeous smell but it doesn't half fade my colour.

  2. I do like the look of Lush's Retread! Very nice indeed. I like Aussie 3 Minute Miracle in the small sachets, but because my hair's so fine I can only do this if I'm not going anywhere the next day! Deep conditioning leaves my hair flat and limp, albeit shiny and soft! It takes a couple of washes to get its bounce back, so I only do it on lazy weekends. :)

  3. Im needing to do this on my hair super soon! Wee award for you over at my blog missy, go have a peek xx

  4. Do you think i can still do this with me having a sensitive scalp? i always worry that deep conditioning will set my scalp off, only just got it ok again with the bodyshop ginger shampoo! x

  5. Great post! I've been meaning give my hair a treatment for a while but keep forgetting/running out of time so your post is definitely going to make me do this at some point over the weekend! x

  6. My hair is crying out for some tlc at the minute, its gets so dry. Im definitley going to do this when I have a bit of time this weekend, I have got a tub of hair mask but I really like the look of that lush one. Any excuse to go to lush really!

  7. I swear by Lush's Jasmine and Henna intensive conditioner, it really suits my wirey lock and the deep reddy brown colour. I got a free James Brown intensive conditioner with Glamour this month so am interested to see what that is like

  8. great post, so helpful. My boyfriend has a pot of lush's 'hair doctor' in our fridge. He has an afro and he said its really great for his type of hair!

    Paddy☮ xx

    Click here to visit me at LITTLE RAZZI blog!

  9. Ps. Yep I am a fan of ths sushi from M&S, they actually do it pretty well :) yum! Im actually addicted to the prawn mayo sandwiches and raspberry jelly. Getting hungry just thinking about it! :( xx

  10. great tips!! im currently using this 2 Phrase product from a korean brand, i spray it while my hair is towel dried and wrap it again with the towel for 15-30mins, it makes my hair soft and silky



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