Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Do it at home...colour you hair

Sure lots of you guys are home dye homies (I am so not down with the kids!) already but thought some hints and tips on making sure you get the perfect 'dye job' can't do any harm...

Clear the room!

The stuff gets everywhere! If you can, grab a mag, and wait it out in the bathroom. Use an old towel, and I usually find not wearing a top, just my bra is a lot easier and less stressful - not having to worrying about ruining clothes.


I hope I'm not the only one who finds the gloves in hair dye packs USELESS! Top tip, get yourself a pair of rubber gloves. They are easy to wash, dry and store ready for the next time. I find because they have longer arms you avoid the 'whiplash' effect from bits of your hair attacking your arm.

And the must have nearby items!...

Cotton wool buds (dipped in nail varnish remover) great for removing stains around your ear and neck. They are also great for colouring the stray hairs round your hairline without getting a huge amount of colour everywhere - sometimes the applicator nozzle just doesn't cut it!
Hair clip, one that you don't use that often, if you have long hair then you'll know after sweeping your hair up covered in hair dye it always falls down or you end up walking around like you have a stiff neck!
Bin liner, great for covering the floor around you so if you do drip the colour on the floor it's a case of picking it up and throwing away.

And what colour to use?! See here for a little about the types of colour.

At the moment I use Garnier Herbashine, Red Mahogany. It costs around £5, and is done in 10 minutes! Amazing! I love having Red hair and finding the perfect shade has taken me about a year. And no doubt I'll go back to Blonde next year!

I think I like it!!


  1. Aw, Kel! Those are top tips...I never knew about the nail varnish..if only you had posted this yesterday I wouldn't be sporting a black forehead this morning!
    I've used that hair dye in brown/ black the last couple of times, on offer in Boots at the mo, too.
    Love the colour of your hair and that jewellery is just fab!

  2. Aaah thank you! =) I have to get someone else to dye my hair! I always manage to spash it everywhere!


  3. I aaaalways have to get my mum to do it too. I am pretty useless! I love that you are a hairdresser and use Herbashine too! Oooh and I should come to you for a haircut. It's so hard to find hairdressers who don't chop 5 inches when you say 1! I am like THE most annoying customer though. I bang on about it endlessly lol. Thanks for the shampoo rec too, do you get it in Boots?? Oh and the parka is such a bargain, you should totally get it! It is from the Divided section and cost £19.99. I sized up so it was longer btw. x

  4. Haha, love your photo at the end! Geek!

    I'm a home hair dye virgin and think I always will be. I'm terrified of ruining my expensive highlights! I have done Rob's hair before - back in the punk days!

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  6. The colour really suits you, I love it! I have always been too scared to colour my hair at home (plus my housemate managed to dye the walls red as well when she last tried it in our bathroom!) so I cheat and go to the hairdressers instead!


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