Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Trendy Tresses...

Want your hair to look as up to date and ' bang on trend' as your clothes?
Maybe these predicted trends will take your fancy...

Let's face it they've been 'in' since we were at school, back then we didn't know how fashionable and on trend we were...or our mums were! But braids are back and better than ever. Plaits in 2010 are sitting on the side, hanging loose on the shoulder and the messier the better, got bits falling out..you've nailed the look.

If you don't have the masses of hair to do this, a loose plait on the side of the head left to slightly undo itself will look just as great. Style your hair with Lee Staffords Sea Salt Spray, great for that rough texture needed, and slightly backcomb the ends of the plait to hold it.

Twists & Buns

Even the short hair girls can get this look. Again the key is to not make the up do look like you've just stepped out of the salon, rough and ready to go with the polished looks we are seeing on the catwalks and delicate enough to fuse with the nude colours and ruffles.
This is a great look if you are caught in the rain and end up with less than perfect hair, simply scrunch and pin. Twist and pin into buns that sit low on the neck or twists that lie slightly off centre. You can't go wrong with this look, if it looks messy you've done the job well!

If you have really long hair (I'm jealous) then you can incorporate the two trends, plait sections and jumble together into a low bun... Nicole Ritchie has made this look her own.

Top Knotting

Slightly less harsh than the 'croydon face lift' and only for the brave. The top knot needs long hair and can be worn sleek or rough. I personally prefer the rough, lots of volume and texture. The top knot is again easy to do (if you have the hair) pull into a ponytail on top of your head (tip your head upside if you need to) secure with a clear thin band. Either cover hair with some gel and twist in a neat bun on top of the head, or backcomb like crazy and pin in a round shape on top of the head.

So do you think you'll be following the the catwalks to the exact letter or styling your own take on the trends?

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  1. i can't wait to play with my hair more often. winters been not so nice to my hair lol spring please come early!


  2. The messy plaits and knotted bun is the style of choice for us hippy chicks in Goa, it's a gorgeous look and I love it 'cos it's low maintenance. Great tip about the salt spray - I can wear my locks like this at home now!

  3. fab post, I need to experiment.

  4. Kel, I can't do anything of these things! I feel left out! Do a post on short hair next please... :) xxx

  5. Jen, you can so do a loose plait on the longer top of your hair.. I demand you try!!

    I'm actually mid way through brainstorming a short hair post..stop reading my mind!!

    Vix, I can imagine your hair in a loose plait, or low bun. The Lee Stafford stuff is great for that beachy rough look.

    Lilly, look up my post on hot oil treatment at home to help get your hair ready for summer!

    X x

  6. I love the top knots - I've been wanting to try to create one for a while but always seem to run out of time with my hair - must try harder!

    I've nominated you for an award on my blog :) x

  7. Oooh, I haven't had plaits since last time I had long hair...I think I will do that tomorrow!

    thanks Kel, genius as ever!


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