Sunday, 21 February 2010

Tools of the trade...

My hands!
Quite a simple post as it's Sunday and I fancied doing something a bit random (and I got my nails done on Saturday - thanks Samm!)

I've had to really start looking after my hands, they get an absolute battering hairdressing - burnt from bleach & perm lotion, stained from colour and red and sore from using water and hair products a lot...poor things! so I got a little selection of hand & body creams for Xmas and have been plastering my hands with them.

My jewellery - now you aren't really supposed to wear a lot of jewellery when doing hair, hair can get trapped under rings and cause hair splinters (which really hurt!!) but I've always loved wearing big chunky jewels and accessories - it's hard to break that habit.

I've recently started having gel overlays, not just for the vain side but also to try and protect my nails a little from the abuse they get...and it's a good excuse to have little stars on my thumbs.

If any of you bloggers have any good tips for caring for hands I'd love to know, these babies have got to be in tip top condition!!

Hope your Sunday has been as relaxed as this...


  1. Look at Holly and Doz! So cute.

    L'Occtaine hand creams are really, really good. So thick, and they smell delicious!

  2. I love your rings!

    Second the recommendation for L'Occitane handcreams - one of the girls I work with uses them and they've made such a difference to her hands.

  3. I totally agree, I use L'Occitane on my hands and it really helps my psoriasis.
    Your dogs are too cute!
    Claire xx

  4. I love your rings, Kel!
    My hands were dreadful when I worked in the catering industry and I loved The Body Shop's Hemp handcream, luciously thick and with a fab smell.
    The mutts look so cute, the black one's got a real cheeky glint in his eye!

  5. your rings are fabulous!!!!

    so this is going to sound a little icky, but i swear it works. you need to buy a pair of thin cloth gloves and a really good thick lotion, i like aquaphor which is the vaseline like substance that you put on new tattoos, it is crazy moisturizing, slather your hands then put on the gloves while you sleep, when you wake up your hands are soooo soft!
    be a follower, not a fighter

  6. aw bless them ... I would just love to live the life of a pampered pooch sometimes!
    agreed on the tip of the above poster, I suffer really badly with my hands and that does really help. Aswell as drinking lots of water to keep the skin hydrated (boring and probably obvious I know!) but my doc did tell me!

  7. L'Occitane, can't say I've heard of it, but 3 recommendations can't be bad! I'll try it thanks!

    Thanks for all the other tips, I'll have to test them all out.

    Vix, I've tried the body shop one, found it made my hands itch a lot, I get contact dermetitis from using water and soaps and this seemed to anger it! (it smelt lush though!) - oh and Doz is a totally cheeky dog!

    Nets I am a total water glugger! 2 litres a day if not more. And I wish I could lounge around all day, eating biscuits and getting cuddled - life of a dog eh!

    X xx

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