Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Review: LUSH Big Shampoo

So LUSH. Much reviewed and raved over on many a blog...

Picture taken from Lush website

After a recommendation I decided to head on down to the Holy Grail of all things lush smelling and amazing and get a sample of Big Shampoo. Followers of the blog (51!! thanks guys, giveaway at 100 if I can get there!) will know I am battling with my hair at the moment, praying to the hair fairy every night to wake up with a huge lion mane of hair - I'm still praying.

Does it do what it promises?

'Sea salt shampoo for shine, softness and big endowments. This pot of oceanic goodness is 50% sea salt to give limp hair the volume it deserves, with seaweed infusion to soften hair and citrus juices for shine. After using Big, your hair will be bouncing back to life.' - Lush website

Well, um, kind of. Lame answer I know but I expected more, maybe too much. I found it pretty basic, it's pretty much mild shampoo, sea salt and lemon. I know that's what it says on the tub and you aren't led to believe magical hair miracles are in the bottle but I had high hopes. I used this three times, each time following instructions, and after blow drying I found whilst my hair was softer and had a nice shine it didn't have a lot of bounce and volume to it.

Would I get it again?

No I don't think so. At £9.90 for 330g I find it rather expensive (maybe that's the cheapskate in me - if I'm going to spend on shampoo I'd rather Kerastase)
I don't imagine this lasting very long and think for value for money there are much better around.

Anything good to say?

It smelt lovely, and the lady who gave me the sample talked me through the process and was really friendly and helpful.
It did make my hair feel clean and it was different using a shampoo that had sea salt in it. It lathered better than I expected and washed out easily.
I think my sister who suffers with greasy hair would benefit from this, so I'm going to let her know about it and get her a sample. You never know she might think it's great!

Silver Peacock rating: 1/5


  1. I've always wanted to try this out, and I think I need to get a sample first! Thanks for the review! And when you do find that magical volumizing product that actually works, please let us know :) xoxox

  2. Interesting thoughts, Kel.
    I really liked the volume and waves it created and thought the smell was fabulous.
    I used the sample pot and got five applications from it but the cost is quite scary and I'm loving Lush's shampoo bars and solid conditioners so don't think I'll be needing a change for a long while yet.

  3. Haven't ever tried any Lush shampoos, might have to pop in and get a sample to try.

  4. Thanks for the review, if you think you'd recommend it for greasy hair I might give it a miss on my troublesome thick dry frizz. My favourite Lush hair product is the Jasmine and Henna conditioner, my hair adores it but I do not adore the price

  5. Id heard about this stuff too! Ive only ever used the shampoo bars from lush... Il defo keep it in my bathroom for emergencies if I run out of shampoo. But I like my tigi rockaholic stuff too much :) Thanks for the kind comment by the way! We just use normal emulsion and mix to whatever colours we need. Then glaze over the top to make it tough, since opera singers will be scrabbling and scratching their shoes all over it for 2 weeks! xx

  6. I haven't tried the shampoo bars, maybe they'd fair a little better! It might seem a harsh review and I love lush (got rockstar soap and a couple of bath bombs whilst I was there!) Just disappointed. :(
    Thanks for the comments guys!
    X x

  7. Lush has the best, organic hair products ever! They smell good too!

  8. This also did the same thing to my hair. My hair was super shiny, but minimal volume. Since I have long, thin hair, volume is something that is a must!

    xo, Jay


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