Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Review: Charles Worthington Heat Defence Spray

After being shocked, appalled and flabbergasted (anything to be dramatic and to get to use the word flabbergasted!) at the amount of girls that don't use heat defence spray I thought I'd do some research on the best in the market.

So true to my word, a mini review of Charles Worthington Heat Defence Spray.
I got the trial size in Sainsburys for around £1 (it doesn't have the same spray pump) If you aren't sure whether a product will work for you look for a trial size, Superdrug are fab for them. Gives you a chance to test - and you won't be stuck with a product you don't like or use.

Does it do what it promises?

The bottle claims it will;

'Protect your hair whilst you create your style with Charles Worthington Results Heat Defense Spray. Expertly created, multi-tasking 'heat protect formula' means you can both style and shield your hair. Enriched with moisturising rice protein, Charles Worthington Results Heat Defense Spray helps to:

  • Protect hair from the daily aggressors of heat styling, UV radiation and pollution
  • Smooth frizz and maximise the staying power of your finished style
  • Lock in moisture and transform hair's manageability and shine'

Well yes, simple answer. I found it didn't leave hair greasy or weighed down with product.
I have quite thick hair, so I could imagine for the short, fine haired ladies it may be too heavy, saying that, I think it'd work if you sprayed on towel haired hair then blow dried. It really makes your hair shine and mine definitely seemed smoother.

Would I get it again?

I would, but due to the price (retails around £5 for 200ml) I would probably only pick this up if it's on offer. I feel there are others in the market that are better value for money.

Anything bad to say?

Only one thing, the instructions for use state 'Apply heat defence spray liberally on each section of the hair before using a heated appliance'
Now liberally applying this product to each section is a little OTT, I found following the instructions meant that I ended up with lank hair and my straightners felt sticky afterwards. I followed the instructions originally then decided my way (spray all over, comb through) worked much better. Only trouble is, we tend to follow instructions on a new product - and if this was the case after using once it'd get banished to the back of the cupboard. So try it your own way!

Silver Peacock rating: 3/5


  1. Uh oh, Im guilty of not using one either :( I promise Il change my awful ways! x

  2. Guilty as charged, sorry! Will definitely be putting heat defence spray on my list of things to get next time im out and about!

  3. Great advice there, Kel! There's some bad gals out there.
    I haven't used my GHD's for years(prefering a more unkempt look) but religiously applied heat defence spray every time I used straighteners.
    I liked Lee Stafford's Poker Straight Spray but my favourite has to be the GHD heat defence spray - TJ Hughes occasionally stock it - it lasts ages and smells gorgeous.

  4. Great review and tips :)

    Should I be using this sort of stuff if I just blowdry my hair? I don't own straighteners.

  5. Great review! I may give this product a go...I'm currently using GHD's heat defence spray which is really good but it's quite expensive. I don't use straighteners but always use heat protection spray before I blow dry so hopefully it's helping my hair out! x

  6. Very timely post for me. I've never used heat defence and decided yesterday that i bloody ought to lol as I use my GHDs alot. So i picked up the Tresemme one as my first one. Haven't used it yet but I'm planning on trying a range. The reason I never used it is because I couldn't understand how spraying wet stuff on your hair then straightening it could be good, i thought it would just fry your hair. Am i supposed to use it on wet hair only before I blow dry, or on dry hair then straighten? Confuses me. x

  7. i need something like this!

  8. Oh I'd be lost without heat defence spray!

  9. the tresemme heat defense spray is pretty much the only product I use, and I love it! I should check out this one for kicks when I run out. but if you're still on the lookout for a good heat spray, I suggest you try out the tresemme one :)

  10. Thank you for this! I always have a problem finding the best heat protection spray. What would you say is the best out there? I quite liked the Andrew Collinge one. Hmmm

  11. Fab review Kel. I am one of those naughty girls who doesn't use heat protection spray, but my hair is super fine and I probably only have heat on it for 5 mins a day! Hairdressers are always telling me how soft it is so I think I'm okay.

    I love Superdrug for trial sizes! Brilliant when you're going on holiday.

  12. Tut tut girlies at the top! ;)
    So next on my buy list are Lee Staffords, and Tresemme.

    I rate the Tresemme range so far, the hairspray is pretty damn good. So the heat spray I'll have to try. I'll use client needs as an excuse! It all gets used up whatever happens.
    The GHD range of goodies smell amazing but I've found leave hair slightly heavy, not sure if that's because of the way GHD's really really iron your hair but just felt a bit flat.

    @Lu, You can use it on wet or dry hair, I use it on towel dried hair for just doing a blow dry, then if I'm going for the straighteners I spray, but try misting it rather than dampening the hair, and try to wait a little bit before using straightners to avoid the sizzle sound. Good luck let me know how it goes using your new buy!

    @Sarah, different products will work best on different hair, the Boots spray is very good and great value for money. Check it out in my 5 budget buys.

    @Alex, yep try and use heat defence spray before blow drying. Any heat on your hair is harmful, rollers, tongs etc. Lucky you not using straightners!

    Thanks for all your comments girls!! Thinking of setting up a formspring - might be helpful for hair questions, if I can answer them for you!

    X xx

  13. I have just found your blog and after reading your post I shall definitely consider getting some heat defence spray now! Though my hair is fairly wavy it always ends up getting a bit curly and frizzy if I don't straighten it which I don't do alot because I don't have anything to stop the plates from burning my hair, so lesson well learnt! xxx

  14. Thanks for reviewing as you promised. I was one of the very naughty girls who doesn't use heat defence spray. I'll pop into Superdrug and see what's on offer. I rarely blow dry and use GHD's 2-3 times a week so I'm perhaps not as naughty as some.



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