Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Peek into...

Some of you may or may not know I have a little website called Silver Peacock, making hair accessories for the masses (ok maybe not masses! mainly friends!!) Tonight whilst I was making a new item I thought I'd take some pictures and show you around my 'workshop' aka my dining room and biscuit tin!

I'm trying out a new packaging idea, keeping it simple, what do you think?

Just some cute casual flower slides. Think these would look great in Spring time, in a messy bun or to hold some stray hairs of a plait.

This is very much a side project of mine, I wish I could dedicate more time to it. I have so many ideas in my head! I'm always trying to let my creative side out, I loved art and textiles at school and although I don't have my own studio as dreamed the dining room table will do for now. :)

How do you guys let your creative side show?


  1. Really cute flower slides :)
    Trying to get into little head pieces like this! Just makes people look a little bit more interesting I think :) <3

  2. You have such skill! I love those flower bobbi pins and also the ones in the sidebar are gorgeous as well!

  3. They're so pretty! I was thinking of treating myself to one of those peacock feather lovelies some day soon.
    One of the blogs I follow avocates 20 minutes of crafting a day so I try to put aside whatever I'm doing and come up with something creative every evening.

  4. Such pretty things, I feel a purchase looming!!

  5. wow, so off to treat myself asap!

  6. how fun! i especially love the peacock feathers...they really are a fun accessory for the hair!
    xoxo alison

  7. Love those peacock feathers! Going to peruse your shop now... window shopping only, you understand! I'm banned!

  8. Beautiful stuff :) I keep meaning to get more creative with hair accessories but never quite seem to get down to it. Must try harder!

    My creative outlet - knitting (badly), baking interesting things and writing.


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