Thursday, 4 February 2010

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I love reading your comments, and hope I don't come across as a wannabe know all. I just love talking hair and helping people with theirs.

On the theme of awards, thought I'd do a little best and worst red carpet hair rundown...

Hair Heaven

Sandra Bullock showing us red carpet hair isn't all about the sleek and heavily styled. I love how the stylist has roughly pinned and left tendrils of hair to fall.
Easily created at home, either wave or tong the hair in small sections, sweep to one side of the head, and pin in a loose messy bun. Leave hair to fall and frame the face.

Olivia Wilde, stunning face, stunning hair!
It looks effortless yet styled. I love the sleek, swept away from the face look, going into a more relaxed ponytail, complete with glamourous barrel curls.
To recreate this look, pop some large rollers in the hair, then brush hair away from the face securing with grips (criss crossed for a better grip, and slightly backcomb hair to hold) and let the rest of the hair fall in a loose ponytail.

And so you short haired girls don't feel left out, the girl of the moment Carey Mulligan.
Showing us short hair is far from boring. Cute Audrey Hepburn styled crop, dressed with a delicate headband.

And restyled... the front of the hair has been 'quiffed' back. Makes it look a totally different.
If you fancy trying this, get yourself a round brush and blow dry the top longer lengths of the hair back, helping create that volume. If your hair is short enough, you won't need clips or pins, you can get away with a good blow dry and styling with lots of hairspray. If the length is longer, twist the ends up and pin to give a bit more stability.

Hair Horrors

I love Drew, but this really isn't her best hair moment. It just looks fried and overstyled. I love the idea of the big sexy Marilyn Monroe curls but this is lacking the softness and smooth curls Monroe championed.
If you want to try this look and avoid the frizz, set your hair in heated rollers, or large velcro rollers. Use some Wella curl artist, it'll help to form curls & conquer stray hairs.
When 'dressing out' the curls, use a natural bristle brush, and use some dressing cream (styling cream) that will stop the frizz if you decide to backcomb for added volume.

Just awful, poor Renee! To think some of the stylists earn mega bucks to make her look like this.
Same sort of problem as Drew, more styling products needed to avoid attack of the frizz. I just find it very dated and as Renee had a fussy outfit on (which was also terrible from memory!) a simple sleek side bun would have been perfect.

What's your dream red carpet hair? And do you think you'd copy any of the above?


  1. Hi Kel! Congrats on the award. I love Sandra Bullock's Oscar hair (shame she's such a crap actress). What the heck's going on with Drew's hair, it's going the mumsy way of Nicola from Girls Aloud!
    PS Pilates rocks! Absolutely amazing for an ironing board belly. You hardly feel like you've done anything at first but boy, you don't half feel it the next day. I really recommend you try it.

  2. Yay for the short hair! I LOVE Carey Mulligan, her hair is so wonderful. I wish I was brave enough for that quiff!

  3. LOL I have to say, I actually laughed out loud when I saw Renee's hair. Poor girl! Well at least she looks better 99% of the time!


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