Friday, 19 February 2010

Down the Aisle...

If you are a typical girly girl you will have had the odd daydream about getting married, the setting, the dress, the hair...oh and I suppose the man! :)

I've seen so many pretty hairstyles at weddings and I understand the 'hair do' on the day is just as important as the dress.

My friend is getting married next year and has asked me to do her hair, I'm honoured and can't wait so thought I'd celebrate by having a look at the brides options.

If you have short hair, don't fret, bridal hair doesn't have to be cascading curls or towering up do's. A simple hair accessory can give you a gorgeous all eyes on you do. A hair grip or tiara style accessory can be used, such as these...

Accessories from

Or maybe even a flower or feathers look great for an alternative look.

Simply waving or adding texture to a short hairstyle will also give your hair a different style. The fussier your dress the increasing need for a simple hair style. Think about if you will want to keep the same style through the reception, or whether you'd change accessory or maybe add a little wax for funky definition.

A lot of brides decide to grow their hair for the big day, don't feel under pressure to do this, if you've had short hair for years don't feel the need to grow a mane just to put up for a day.

If you have long hair then you can pick and choose from wearing your hair up, half up or an elaborate up do. There are many options. As with short hair, think about the reception, a beautiful sweeping up do like the middle picture will look stunning, but if you want to 'let your hair down' later it will take another restyle (wash, blow dry) to get there.
Accessories can add that finishing touch to long hair, whether it's down and in curls - jewelled hair combs look great, or up and with a pretty clip or flowers.

If you have coloured hair try and get this done at least a week before your big day, this not only avoids any colour disasters but lets the colour 'settle'
Don't worry if you have thin and fine hair and think you won't get the volume or outcome you've seen in a mag. There are many cheats, one of which being a bun ring, clip in extensions can help if you want the big curls but don't have the hair. It's your day, you can wear whatever you want and look however you wish. Just make sure you have practicised the hair style and you have enough hairspray to with stand the weather. Getting your wedding pictures back and looking like cousin IT is not a good look.

How did any married ladies wear their hair for the day? and what are your daydreams ladies that aren't wed yet?
My dream hair for the day, a chignon with loose tendrils to frame the face. A jewelled hair clip on the side with a thin veil trailing from the bottom...haven't really given it much thought...


  1. Ohh bridal hair, how magical! Its quite a while before I need to think of this yet, But Im so glad my mammy is a hairdresser. Il be able to be totally honest with her but Il just need to make sure she doesnt get the crappy end of my bridezilla moods when the day does come :)

    Youll need to post a pic of what you do for your friend. I bet youre excited xx

  2. I have no plans to marry in the forseeable future but love this post.

  3. Another beautiful and imformative post, Kel.
    The "M" word scares the life outta me though, no plans for that malarkey ever!

  4. I don't really see a wedding at any point in my future but I am being a bridesmaid in May :) The bride is the most chilled out person in the world though so we haven't even started thinking about hair yet. I think it'll probably just be down as normal, perhaps with some type of jewelled clip for added sparkle.

  5. You have a lot of fabulous hairstyle ideas... I've seen a lot of brides wearing different kind of hairstyles and everyone just looks beautiful and radiant. It's their special day and I guess a bad hair day is not an issue at all.

    PS... I am a wedding photographer that's why I encounter a lot of brides. xoxo

  6. Cool post and lots of good ideas! I've never really thought about how I would wear my hair but I've got a lot of time since I'm only 18!


  7. Ayden, I am so excited about doing her hair, it shows so much trust and just hope I can make her happy. :) You are lucky having your mum to do your hair, wish my mum was a hairdresser!

    Thanks for commenting girls who aren't in marriage mood at all! I didn't mean to alienate anyone, just got over excited with weddings!haha

    X x

  8. I love Carrie's bird headdress! As a short haired and recently engaged lady, I think I'd like some feathers for my wedding. Or maybe something with pearls? Definitely nothing sparkly - the only things that will sparkle at my wedding are my ring and the champagne! :)


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