Friday, 29 January 2010

To grow or not to grow...

That is the question.

I've had allsorts of hair lengths and colours over the years, good, bad and some darn right ugly!

Having recently decided to grow my hair to achieve a below the shoulder length, I need some hair-spiration as I'm finding myself turning corners over in hair mags of short styles...

I drive my hairdresser mad, I moan and wish for Rapunzel locks, then see Dannii Minogue (can that womans hair get any better!!) and hack it all off. So I've been stuck in the grow, not grow vicious circle for a few years!

I am in a hair wasteland at present, the dreaded inbetween stage. This is where it gets tough, many fall at the first hurdle and get it cut...I will stay strong! :)

So some celebs I'd like to shear...

Julia Roberts, how gorgeous does she look her. I love her hair, the loose curls, the simple middle parting. Looks so natural yet groomed.
I love Julia Roberts and think she has gorgeous hair...apart from the Mystic Pizza days!

Rachel Bilson, gorgeous flowing locks, has again that natural look, not poker straight over styled.
It looks so glossy and healthy.

I love Nicole Ritchie's new brunette do'
The fringe is great and the soft waves really suit her 'boho' look.
She's come a long way since the awful extensions and colours she sported.

Paloma Faith, I've mentioned her before, look at her hair, it's stunning. The big waves, the colour whether it's up or down she's got great hair.

So you can see I definitely have a look in mind. These are my hair-spirations and I just hope I can one day have hair below my shoulders...A girl can dream.


  1. Paloma and Julia both have gorgeous locks, Nicole Ritchie looks great with her dark locks, much prettier with her dusky colouring but personally I'm not too keen on the Bilson fringe.
    Having finally managed to grow out an ill-advised fringe and unwanted Anniston layers after years I'm staying with one length locks, probably not trendy but always a classic.
    Good luck with your quest for long locks!
    PS Thanks for the henna advice.

  2. I'm so tempted to get my hair totally chopped!

  3. I always used to have long straight hair, but I never used to do anything with it! Short hair is good for me because it means it has a 'style' and its quick to wash and dry!
    I love Paloma's hair though. And whilst your waiting for your hair to grow at least you can style it with some of your fab hair accessories ;)

  4. I love Nicole's hair at the moment - it looks so healthy and gorgeous.
    I had short hair for a few years but was so jealous of all the long-haired girls out there that I grew I want it short again after seeing so many cute short haircuts - aah! Good luck with growing yours :) x

  5. Aw Kel. A girl after my own heart!
    I have been every colour under the sun and recently went from rapunzel locks to short bob!
    NOW i want the length BACK! God dammit.
    I love Nicole Richie's hair in the above pics. Stunning.
    Lovely blog. let me know what you decide to do! I am wanting long hair again, big curls and lots of hair bling! :)
    Milly xx

  6. You can do it! I love long hair personally, but that's only because I can't pull short hair off. If you really want to grow it, keep those pics close by cause the awkward in between stage is the worst!

    Maybe you could bribe yourself with a new handbag or a nice piece of jewelry as a reward for growing your might give you an extra boost! Self bribery always works for me :)

  7. Kel, why do you do this to me?! I've just had mine all cut off again after getting to mullet stage and wanting to die every time I styled it. But look at Rachel Bilson's fringe! That's my dream hair. But mine is neither thick nor wavy, so a wig is my only option!

  8. julia's and rachel's are really pretty i love their length i think its a great length to do different styles. good luck :)


  9. I love your hair inspirations... great post :) Mon Mode Blog

  10. Thanks everyone! I feel much more inspired about my hair challenge now. I can do it!!!

    Vix, there is NOTHING wrong with one length long hair, I'm trying to grow my layers out so I can achieve long hair that doesn't look like rats tails on the ends due to layers. I love a fringe and have had so many different variations, I'm yet to find one that suits so I think it's a middle parting for me. :)

    Netty, I want a picture of your long hair?! And I have been styling with the peacock accessories line hehe

    Milly, love you blog, see you have similar hair feelings at the moment!! we can support each other! :)

    Ella, I LOVE that idea! Not too sure if the man would or my bank...ah what the hell!

    Jen, you suit short hair, I have a large head so need hair to hide it. I wish I could pull off the short crop, Kimberly Wyatt's hair is fantastic. Hope the snip and colour went well.

    X xx

  11. Hey jacket twinnie! I absolutely loooove Nicole Richie's new hair. Seriously, how much has this girl changed? Ive still got the image of her blonde frazzled hair imprinted on my memory. I hate the inbetween phase but might be best to let it grow a bit and see how you feel? I am very tempted to get a blunt fringe because I hate my forehead so much!

  12. i love paloma faiths hair ^^
    i want to grow mine too althoug i'll probs end up chopping it all off ones it becomes too long and too much of a hassle T_T

  13. I always try to force my hairdresser to actually "dress" my hair. I want her to give advice and ideas and some do styling. But she seems terified of cutting in case I won't like it - even though I ask for it :)

    This blog is very inspiring. I will take a few ideas along with me next time I see that hairdresser of mine.


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