Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Snow V Hair...Let battle commence!

Snow meet hair...

As we continue to get battered by snow in the UK what better to discuss than hair, how to keep it in top condition and how to protect it from the snow - it's evil stuff!

Hot oil treatment

Great treat for your hair, and the best thing is you can do it at home. It'll help to restore your hair, giving it shine, by (science bit) stimulating the sebaceous (oil) activity & increasing blood circulation.

It also helps relax, releasing tension in the scalp - which I'm sure a lot of us have from battling the weather.

I wouldn't recommend this treatment if you have greasy hair, extensions or suffer from certain skin/scalp disorders.

You'll need;
(little bit of olive or castor work well and are generally in your cupboards)
Cotton wool
2 x Bowls
(one slightly smaller to fit inside the other, can use mugs)
(to wrap around your shoulders)
Kitchen roll
(to avoid spillages)

  1. First off, take the larger bowl, fill with boiling water, take the smaller bowl and add a small amount of oil. The oil tends to go a long way so don't go OTT.
  2. Place the small bowl in the large bowl, and allow the oil to warm.
  3. Apply the oil to the roots and scalp of the hair using the cotton wool.
  4. Massage into your hair and scalp, do this for around 10 minutes.
  5. Place a shower cap over the head, or if you don't have one cling film can be wrapped around. This helps the head "warm" meaning the penetration of the oil is greater, meaning better hair! Leave for around 10-15 mins.
  6. This is the important bit, put shampoo on the hair first with NO WATER, this helps the shampoo get rid of the oil, if you put water on first it'll create a barrier meaning the oil won't be washed off, giving you lank, greasy hair.
  7. Once you've got a nice lather built up you can then add water, you may want to shampoo again if needed.
  8. It's up to you whether you apply conditioner, most of the time after a treatment like this you won't unless the hair is in a bad way.

That's it, nothing else to it. I wouldn't use this treatment everyday, but it's a special treat to your hair and it is pretty much free.
Got dry hands? This can help them, two treats for the price of one!
Salons can charge a lot for what is essential a splash of oil and some time out to relax.

Let me know if you've had this done at a salon before or if you love doing this at home.


  1. Oh, this sounds good! My hair NEEDS this!

  2. Thanks for the tip I'll have to try it out v soon :)

  3. Oooft, I will definately be trying this one out! :) thanks girlie! xx

  4. thanks for shaing the tips!! i think i will give it a try with the olive oil... my hair is kinda fried, thanks to the winter cold lol


  5. Nice tip =D I always use a hair repair mask, but I think my hair is used to it now =(

  6. I'll be so trying out this fab tip! My hair is in need of some serious pampering after subjecting it to 3 weeks of Indian sunshine...wonder if BF will mind me plundering his precious supply of Italian organic extra virgin oil? xxx


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