Monday, 25 January 2010

Snip Snip...

Good evening!

Well on highs and lows, had my sister up to stay this weekend - Hooray!! Just waved her off home - Boo!!

She lives down near Bath, I live in Bedfordshire. I wish I lived closer to her or vice versa, we are so close and she really is my best friend.

Our weekend consisted of shopping, eating, drinking and far too many stupid things said (I think she brings out my bimbo side!)

I always do her hair, and this time we got drastic, her hair grows very quickly (I'm jealous!) and instead of the long layers trim and tidy we went for a bob.
Below are the before and after pictures...I'm not going to lie to you all, she hated it. I got upset as I hate seeing her upset...disaster. Apologise for the quality of pictures.

Wet, below shoulders, thick, unmanagable.

Dry, Glossy, Healthy looking hair, easy maintenance.

Cut to today, we went shopping and I think she is beginning to like it. It was a big change and I can understand her initial reaction, and the way her hair grows it'll be the original length by next month!!

What do you guys think? and ever had a "Oh no! I need to run out and buy a hat haircut"?!


  1. Oh, I wish you lived near me! Your sister's hair looks amazing, so healthy and full of she's thrilled!

  2. Where are you in Bedfordshire??? I am in bedford!!! Hair looks amazing, if you are close to me you are hired! Have tagged you in an award hun.
    Claire xx

  3. Looks so lovely and volumous!! She will be used to it in no time!

  4. What is your sister worried about - it looks fab! Show her this post and reassure her! So glossy and bouncy.

    When I first had my hair cropped I was unsure but not devastated. It's a big change, you're right!

  5. It looks so healthy! It will definitely grow on her. And if it doesn't, well, hair grows :D

  6. Its gorgeous! :) Looks really full and glossy. Glad you had a nice time with your sis - I wish my sis wasnt so young, otherwise Id love to spend girlie weekends with her! Maybe when shes a bit older, shes only 5 just now.

    My mum once cut my hair pretty much pixie length while I drank a bottle of wine and we had a girly night in with my friend too. I was so drunk and cried my eyes out at how short it was, I sat outside in my garden for ages feeling really sorry for myself and eventually saw sense when I sobered up. Oops :) xx

  7. Turned out great! Loving all that color! Oh yeah!


  8. Thanks guys! I told her to come read the comments on here. Think it was just a massive shock!

    @ live so near me!! I'm in Flitwick! small blog world!

    @ Rogue, I can imagine you sat outside sulking, did you grab the hair from the floor and wail? hehe
    I love spending time with her, I can imagine if we lived together we'd kill each other, so it's probably for the best we just have lovely weekends together!! :)

    Thanks again for all the lovely comments guys. X x

  9. I grew up in Flitwick!!!! Did you go to Redborne? You must cut my hair - I am going to email you - I have got a bit excited!
    Claire xx

  10. Aw her hair looks so pretty now! It makes her look younger and very cute!! I use to get anxious about haircuts, but I decided that it's unfair to my hairdresser to bring so much stress into something that will grow back. I think that dramatic changes in hair style are sometimes hard to take in at first because you aren't used to the way you look and it makes you worry that it look bad. I'm glad that your sister is starting to like her new hair cut because it looks so pretty!


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