Thursday, 21 January 2010

Roo-ting for them!

When I first started out hairdressing I hated having my scissors, combs and equipment on a trolley or in roll (to fiddly to get to)

The only way round this was to get a pouch or tool belt, which are getting popular with hair and make up stylists nowadays and you can get all sorts of shapes and colours.

I found whilst searching a site called Roo, I knew then my search was over!
They had the most amazing pouches and at great prices, and they are a UK based company.

I chose this one and I'd recommend the pouches to anyone who works either a hairdresser or make up artist. The colour is amazing (cherry bomb) and as I generally wear Black when working it gives a pop of colour much needed!

This isn't a sales blurb and I've not been given anything by the company I just really rate the designs, material and overall standard of finish so thought I'd share!

They don't only cater for people in the trade, they also do some great nail files, and cute make up bags and tweezers. They even do a dog walkers pouch! (which I think is great as I always worry about losing my phone, keys etc when walking the gruesome twosome)

Right I'm off, my sister is on route from the west country so must tidy the house!

Hope you all have great weekends...


  1. What a cool site - I love those funky nail scissors and the make-up brush rolls!
    Have a fab weekend.

  2. You're the most stylish hairdresser I've ever known! Love the pouch and love the fact that it brings a flash of colour to your chic black ensemble.

    Bigs hugs honey, have fun with your sister. xxx

  3. Wow, thats lovely! :) My mums one is zebra print with a turqoise green lining, you cant bloody miss it haha. Where do you work? Im in need of some new tweezers, might check the Roo site out. Thanks for sharing :) my short hair pic is up! (haha, its only a tad shorter btw and a trim to my undercut) xx

  4. That sounds a great colour/pattern combo, bet you can't miss it! I was so tempted to get the zebra print one on Roo, Might have to get another, look like a gun slinging hairdresser! :)
    I'm mobile based at the moment, would love to get into a salon at some point though.


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