Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Naturally Nice...

First of all sorry it's taken me so long to blog, I must try harder!

So January, the month of saving money, having no money and generally trying to get mind, body and soul fighting fit!

You can buy allsorts of hair masks, some repair, add shine or promise a bouncy bonce Cheryl Cole would be envious of. Why not look a little closer to home and raid those cupboards to create a great hair treatment that won't cost the earth and gives you the same result.

So what can you use?


Great for hair, and aslong as you add some nice smelling essential oils i.e. Rosemary, Lemon you won't end up smelling like the carpet of your local pub!

Beer contains protein (it's in the hops and malt) helping make hair feel thicker, aswell as adding shine. It can also help to remove build up of products that cause the hair to look dull and lank.

Use this as a final rinse, and smell the "potion" before applying to make sure you've added enough essential oil to get rid of the beer smell.

It's best to do this whilst you shower, have the ingredients ready mixed and apply. If you've got coloured or dry hair, beer isn't the best home ingredient you can use, it better benefits hair that is prone to being greasy.


Yum and has so many benefits for the body, inside and out.

Just mashing an avocado (half if you have short hair) and mixing with a couple of tablespoons of Olive/Coconut oil will give your hair a real treat. Even better if you have some honey in the cupboard add a couple of tablespoons to the mixture. Leave the mixture on for around 15-20 mins (wrap in a towel, shower cap or cling film) to reap the rewards.

This will leave your hair smooth and full of shine. Known for it's benefits to not only the hair but the skin, the vitamins in an avacado will help repair and restore hair to it's best.


Something most of us have in the cupboard, the egg contains protein so will help hair stay strong and can help you avoid split ends. It won't strip your natural oils as shampoos can do so you keep those oils giving your hair shine. Raw egg can make your hair thicker, which is great if you find your hair thin and flyaway.

Remember the better quality egg the better the result so being organic helps the chickens and your hair.

You can use egg on it's own (bit messy so stay in the bathroom!) or with other ingredients as a super hair booster!

One tip, DON'T wash off the egg with warm water. It'll cook and you'll literally end up with egg on your face. :)

Tea tree

This little baby has so many uses and I'd urge you all to have a bottle in the house if you haven't already. The oil can be used in any hair mask, rinse or shampoo.

Adding a few drops to any treatment you make at home can benefit if you suffer from dandruff, thinning and dry hair. As it penetrates the hair and scalp without being as abrasive as some shampoos you get great results from a natural source free from chemicals. I think it's great for aromatherapy purposes also, helps relax.

It really is trial and error with making your own haircare products, you can follow recipes online and in magazines but you know your hair. Change the recipes up and add your favourite oils.
You can add all types of fruit, pick your favourites, maybe you love the smell of banana, or strawberry.

I wouldn't recommend using these sort of treatments everyday, although if your hair is badly damaged and really needs help a course of the above can help to get it back to it's best.

Sorry for the lack of pictures in the latest posts, this won't always be the case, but I'm sure you all know what an egg, avocado and bottle of beer look like. :)

Let me know if you've ever tried the above, or have your own haircare range!

p.s Just a quick hello to any new followers, thank guys!


  1. Great tips, Kel! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You're such a hair genius. Although I'd be terrified to crack an egg over my head! :)

  3. Excellent post, I would never have thought about the egg cooking and would have washed my hair in warm water! x

  4. Excellent post - I didn't knoe about any of these!
    Thank you!
    Claire xx

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a sweet cooment, they really do make my day. I love your blog, I have always wanted to try beer on my hair! I Look forward to getting to know you!
    P.S. I'm a new follower :)

  6. Great post! Thanks for the tips, I'm definitely going to give it a go, but I might pass on the egg :D I'm scared my hair will smell like egg afterward. Loving your blogs btw :) Now following you. xxx


  7. Thanks for that part about not washing out the egg with warm water.. I wouldn't have thought enough about it, Id have just washed it off as normal and prob ended up with scrambled egg on my head at the end of it!

    I keep meaning to try olive oil on my hair, ATM I'm trying it out as an eye makeup remover!

    Following :)



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