Wednesday, 27 January 2010

My First Award...

My first award from the lovely Claire @ Just another London Commuter

So seven weird and wonderful things about me you may or may not know;

  1. I am originally from a small town called Midsomer Norton (no, not where they have the murders!) and moved to Bedfordshire 5 years ago. I have a weird accent now, and my west country twang deepens after a few ciders!
  2. I have two gorgeous but crazy Staffordshire Bull Terriers. One called Holly, and one called Dozer. I treat them like my babies and no one can say a bad thing about them. They can do no wrong - even when they chew my glittery shoes!
  3. I check the front door 3 times before leaving in the morning. I can't help it, I've only been like this since owning my own house, living at my parents I left my front door key in the door many a time!
  4. I used to be a veggie. I turned vegetarian when I was 15, but after meeting Andy at 19 I was put back on the meaty road. Turns out I have IBS and red meat really angers it, so I can only eat chicken and turkey now anyway.
  5. On the food thread, I am a total seafood lover. Any seafood and I mean anything is fine by me. My dad took us to some nice restaurants abroad when we were younger and encouraged us to eat local dishes and try out different things, think I had my first prawn at about 5 years of age!
  6. I have many memory boxes. I love looking through them all, started with shoeboxes, got bigger and I'm looking for a trunk to put a false bottom in to store all my memories. I've got birthday cards from when I was 5, letters from friends, photos, ticket stubs, even a swimming cap! - I got this whilst watching a show in Vegas called Le Reve, breathtakingly amazing. I caught the angels swimming cap he threw into the crowd.
  7. I would love to write children's books. Growing up reading Roald Dahl and recently reading The Gruffalo made me want to write a book that captured the imagination of children or help them understand the world they are growing up in.

So that's me. I love reading other peoples blogs on this so I am tagging people I'd love to know little titbits of info about...

Vix @ Vintage Vixen
Jen @ A Little Bird Told Me
Holly @ Ellamarie84
Sarah @ The Front Cover
Ayden @ Little Blog of Horrors
Claire @ Little Love


  1. Hey Kel! I just wanted to let you know that I read yours and Jens blogs everyday (and others) I am loving the world of blogging right now. You have even inspired me to start my own, which will be nowhere near as specific and professional as either of yours. Its just more to share some thoughts and ideas.
    Its very new and need lots of improving and updating but its a start!
    much love xxxxxxxx

  2. Hooray on the well deserved award. I eagerly await each installment of your fab blog.
    Nice to know more about you, too!
    PS Thanks for the tag!

  3. aww thanks for sharing with us your 7 weird/wonderful things about yourself. so cute ;)


  4. Aaah thank you so much =) I'll post it on my blog soon!


  5. Thanks so much doll! I love reading these random facts about people - I have a memory box and looking through it transports me back to different places in my life. They're such wonderful things to have! :) xxx

  6. Thanks so much for this girlie :) Your 7 facts were pretty cool! Like Jen has said too, I've got a memory box for me and my friends and more recently one for me and my boyfriend. Its really nice keeping little memoirs from different places and events in your life. Youll look back on it one day and get so very nostalgic. Loves it ♥ (ps, I LOVE seafood too. How gutted would you be if you were allergic haha)


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