Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Hair Drama!...

You've woke up late with no time to style...
You've just noticed you've got some major roots going on...
You've had a mad moment at the salon and asked for that brave new style, and hate it...

I'm sure we've all had the above dramas.
How did you react?
Sink into a pile of wailing, hair products and hats? Not leave the house?

So what can you do when hair goes bad?

I'm sure you've heard of these hints and tips but always have some of the below handy...

Batiste dry shampoo - the miracle worker of the wake up late hairstyle & festival girls saviour. Spray on the roots, rub in or brush through and "viola" fresh hair. It can work great on fringes, as these tend to get greasy before the rest of your hair, or just if your hair needs a pick me up and you haven't the time to wash.

Cheap and a hair cupboard essential. Batiste is also great at adding a bit of volume to hair if needed, spray at roots rub in, then blast with the hairdryer. I use this on the crown then put in some velcro rollers.

And if you really are on a budget, some talcum powder will work just the same way, just don't overdo it otherwise you'll look like casper. Talc can also slightly cover roots on bottle blondes, it won't cover it perfectly but it can lighten the area, disguising the roots.

Mascara - Believe it or not those who dye their hair darker than their natural base can cover up roots whilst making a dash to the salon/chemist with mascara. If your lighter roots are showing through grab a dark mascara and apply to roots. Eyeshadow has been known to work aswell, although be warned if it rains then you'd better hope you applied waterproof mascara.

Accessories - Simple really, if your hair isn't looking it's best, distract from it by using accessories. Have a couple of headbands handy, along with some grips and you can easily hide the worst hair day.

A fabric headband is great to throw on, it'll hide roots, dodgy fringes and any number of hair sins. Pick one up cheap at your local supermarket, you can always add buttons, flowers and funky stitching to make it your own. I'm sure some of the creative ones can make their own with fabric they like.

Pretty grips are great for pinning back hair, just sweeping hair to one side and putting a grip in or sweeping the fringe back into a quiff can transform hair.

Quiff the fringe by taking the front section of the hair, brushing back, slightly backcombing if you require height. Then slightly twisting at the ends push up towards the face, then kirby grip in place.

Don't overload the products! - Whacking on every product under the sun won't help matters, choose one and stick to it, using gel, hairspray, wax and mousse will only build up on the hair making it look even worse.

Toothbrush - Weird one you might think but a toothbrush can help conquer those stray hairs that won't lie flat, spray some hairspray on a toothbrush and smooth down the hair.
It can also help achieve that sleek look on some up do's you might want. Just don't use it to brush your teeth after!!

Not rocket science but I hope this little blog helps, I love helping people with their hair and enjoy sharing little tricks of the trade - even if some are public knowledge now!

If all else fails, stay in, lock the doors and don't look in the mirror. :)

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  1. I love that you're blogging from work! Woo! Great tips, I've just got into dry shampoo but I never thought of blasting my hair with the dryer after applying. Will definitely do this! :)

  2. I love that toothbrush idea. I never would have thought about that!

  3. I need all the help I can get with my hair, so thanks for the tips! x

  4. Ahh the batiste! And I remember the days when you could only get it in 'original', how times have changed :) ♥ great wee post xx

  5. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog :)

  6. thanks for your comment! :)
    your blogs looks goooood! ♥

  7. cute blog! and lovely advise :)



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