Thursday, 28 January 2010

Colour me this...

Ever gone in to a salon or had your hairdresser round and been bamboozled (love that word!) by what sort of colour to have, and how to have it?

Woven, Permanent, Slices, Quasi, Panels?! It can be a minefield with many a colour bomb ready to go off.

So to bust the jargon here's a quick breakdown of what they mean and what you'll get.

Woven highlights or lowlights

Sure the majority of you have had these at some point.
Simply put, it's just a weaved section of hair, in a foil. Depending on whether you want a natural look or a more striking colour will determine the thickness of the weave.
Natural = Thin weaved, Dramatic = Thick weaved


Slabs or chunks of colour are applied to your hair using foils.
As they aren't woven you get a more intense and 'high fashion' look. Usually used to add a splash of colour either on the side of the hair or fringe. This is generally used underneath the hair to create a flash of colour when the hair moves. Looks great on Brunettes with a flash of Red or Plum.


Say you wanted colour just to frame your face, slicing is for you!
The hair isn't woven, a section is taken either horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Usually taken in small slivers, this works well for you short hair girls, helping define certain layers and lengths.

A semi, temp, permanent what now?

So you choosen the technique of colouring you want, do you know what type of colour product you want?
Firstly if you are going for a big change and you are still unsure don't go for a permanent! Find a similiar colour in a semi permanent. If you have it done and don't like it at least it'll only take around 8 washes to remove it, no harm done - well not as much as a permanent.

A semi permanent or toner (temp) won't lighten your hair, it will only enhance what you've got or add a tone to the hair. Great if you want to try out a new look, you don't get root regrowth as the colour fades naturally. It can boost the colour you have and give it real shine.

Permanent colour, you'll get roots and need regrowth treatments in the salon (or at home) so if you go permanent understand it means maintaining it unless you fancy looking like you belong on the Chatsworth estate. Permanent colour can dry hair so make sure you condition and treat it well. A permanent colour can lighten your hair up to three levels.

Bleach, when used correctly can be great at lightening hair, when used incorrectly it can be a hair colour disaster. Bleach should not be applied onto bleach, this can cause the hair to break and it can be incredibly damaging. Bleach strips the hair of it's natural pigment (melanin) so it leaves it colourless. It can have a great effect, whether it be in highlights or full head, however even more so than permanent it will dry the hair and you need to make sure you keep it in tip top condition by using conditioners and regular treatments.

And here comes the health and safety blurb - ALWAYS GET A SKIN/PATCH TEST! So important. And if the salon doesn't offer it, ask for one.

Finally some pretty pictures of coloured hair.

Hope this helps you ladies...

All images from Wella


  1. So informative! I definitely have my highlights 'woven'. Panelling reminds me of the craze for blondes to have the whole underneath of their hair dyed brown! Never understood that.

  2. You are such a mine of hairdressing information.
    I'm toying with swapping the black dye for Lush's black henna. What are your thoughts, oh wise one?

  3. Haha thanks you two! I try!

    Vix with henna you have to be really careful, as once you've used it, if you decide to go back to normal hair dyes it can cause problems if the henna is still in your hair. It may not show on your hair as it's dark but it can remain in hair for 6 months.
    Some work like a semi, some as a permanent depending on your hair type. I'm not sure on the Lush one though.

    Henna is a great for a natural alternative to hair dye and can give you great shine etc but be careful (ha! I make it sound like henna is baaadd!)

  4. Very helpful info :D I need to be brave and actually get some colour put into my hair at somepoint rather than sticking with my 'playing it safe' long brunette mop! Any suggestions?!


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