Monday, 14 December 2009

Sail away on a wave...

Good evening 6 followers!! :)
I am still feeling under the weather, and have stayed in the warmth of my duvet again today, just thought I'd do my first mini review...

Andrew Barton Triple Barrel Waver

So I got bought this little baby for my birthday, after spending ages trying to find a way to get those 40's style waves (finger waving - easy on someone else, hard work on your hair) and easy relaxed wave curls for that "bedhead" look I thought I'd give it a go as a last resort. After all I'm a total hair gadget geek.

One word - LOVE!
They are amazing, simple to use and I'd say the best hair tool I've bought/been given this year.

You simply clamp a 2-3 inch wide section of hair for a few seconds and release to find gorgeous waves, follow around the head. Take randomly for that "undone" look (ruffle with fingers to seperate) or neatly in lines to create a stunning 40's style that any screen siren would love. The waves don't drop out and can be brushed through for a softer look.

I've heard people call the results mermaid-esque & retro and it proves that it has that versatile edge that makes the £29.99 RRP amazing value. (Argos currently have it on sale for under £20!!)

There are 10 settings to adjust to suit any hair type, heating to 180 degrees. The nano-ceramic coated barrel helps avoid hair snagging, leaving hair full of shine and glossy. As with any hair styler, using a heat protection spray will avoid damage to the hair.

I have nothing negative to say about this product, it really is amazing, and I am now thinking of investing in the other items in the range. Andrew Barton recently won the 'Ultimate Hairdresser' title at the Hair Magazine Awards 2009 and from this range I should imagine further awards will come his way.

Quick picture of me after being "waved" - excuse the dressing gown.


  1. Looking good in that gown, Kel! Your hair is so super shiny, I expect to see my face looking back at me. I miss having hair long enough to curl... thinking of growing it out into a Dannii-esque bob.

  2. You can wave or curl the front! is it longer on top? Slick the sides, and mess the top into a cute quiff! Very Dannii (her hair was amazing week after week, Christian Vermaak - my new hair hero!)

  3. That looks like an instrument of torture! I can see myself getting into all sorts of trouble getting my mop entangled in that contraption.
    The results look fab on you - very 1920's flapper girl!

  4. Hi kel, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)

    I've never actually heard of a hair waver before, they look kinda cool! x


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